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dials 60. Health often negleded while in pcfTcflioh and

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fSxxx. boil for two minutes let it cool and filter then add of

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of very limited extent although the disease may successively invade

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on Camp Diseases of the United States Army in 1883 gave

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from the Royal Veterinary College of London who has been

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compression causes progressive atrophy of the brain but its exist

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injecting. It may remain in a few cases for twenty fom

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ceth them the same is also ocularly confirmed by Vives

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tooth was accordingly extracted with the result that the haem

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skill after having the two surfaces of the bowel directly

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ment of the University of Maryland he located at Mt. Airy

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the same patient. The rise in blood pressure produced by

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toxication and true puerperal infection are the com

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of direct extension from the peritona um has already been mentioned. In

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follow closely the normal color index. In the latter disease

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the second day the patient would begin to have consider

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tions the jjatient was seized with a violent chill

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of fixing the instrument in position over the wound by

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If diarrhcea is present it may be checked by the liberal use of

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spirituous liquors upon great numbers of both sexes rendering them

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very great importance because of the negative result of the radio

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filled are properties necessary to its function but at the same time

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ing the wrist you will notice that the tendon of the flexor

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from the front. The managers were fortunate in having

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last paper is devoted to the description of tumors occurring in

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outfitted with right correcting lenses It may be that such cases

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whom he might delegate practically all the drudgery

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not blister. The lobelia helps the cough and the gelsemium keeps down the

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which medical men are summoned to courts of law either in the

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variations in the pidse rate and diastolic pressure level.

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either fragment together with the one quarter of an

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ment of any hospital that the medical stall should be efficiently repre

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original. His review on the process of digestion was perhaps the

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those of Cohnheim which indicate the essentially infective nature of

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are supplied from the same sources as the uterus. These

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There be many excellent strains in that poet wherewith his

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IIL Medical Education The State License to Practise Medicine

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believe in Leicester friendly societies already charge a

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AYliy should not the same protection be given to the doctor

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Prognosis for army is far easier and far more certain

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necessarily speak fur tuberculosis by themselves While there

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probe. There is but slight suppuration from its sur

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rnYTON Lane. Some Burxate Neiuatodea from Indian and African Elepliarts

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our liberal wealthy classes it is the beginning of a

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an advanced age. I have seen colliers upwards of seventy years of age

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senega boil to one hal and strain add the sugar evaporate the

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There is no justification for an antituberculous crusade that is

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said he had quarreled with every prominent public man in his dis

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trophy of the left ventricle. Then atrophy of it with hyper

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the Plymouth Altrincham and St. Pancras and Islington

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and entreaties of the patient and her divine assistant

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triangles and the sides of the anterior triangle are fixed and immobile.

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been discovered but Drs. Wilks Taylor and Pye Smith reasserted

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etc. The present rural practitioner holds the key to

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Still more however is this due to the difficulty of my subject for

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some variety of neuroses. These were not due so much to the

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dressed with sterilized rice starch. Sections of such

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vertisements in the daily papers a great and growing

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