reception was given by the President and Mrs. Drummond
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at Coblenz and Evacuation Hospital No. 3 at Treves but in addition
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ing in India demonstrated the parasite of malaria in the
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must lie done. In the stallion covered castration operation fol
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sporadic. In consequence the yellow wrapper and the lurid picture still hold
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liver which is so closely related to the inferior vena cava should also
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about two inches in length and an examination revealed
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exigencies and devise means whereby his surgical skill will not be
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Causes. It may be attribtited to invasion of the gastric walls
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Henry S. White of Northwestern University. In opening the pro
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Especial Reference to its Connection with Acute Lobar Pneumonia.
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and bowels by disinfecting and deodorising the breath or
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phantic weak kneed brethren may rebuild their manhood. Quoth the
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the patient at the patient s home. If 5 000 000 persons
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the case from which the illustration herewith was taken that percussion
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beneath the vaginal mucosa. A firm hold of tissue is thus obtained
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or diminishing their calibre according to the ixigencies of the case and the
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vinegar one pound sugar two tablespoons curry powder
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BcT there are other flics first amongst which may b
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and not too warm the window should be opened in the intervals
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The epidermis surrounding these was wrinkle lt l and fissured
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agent shown to be effective in treatment of murine lupus. Patients were
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ity from fever compared with the total deaths in the different districts and
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ministered to weak persons. The ether is well borne
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watching the development of tin physical signs is thus lost.
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detected except within the organism. If it is objected that many
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ming inside and out is highest grade and in keeping with
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