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liquid or solid form is frequently given and may be continued when

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were thoroughly cleansed with soap and water and at least 5 minutes

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concluded that Addison s disease is due to the accumulation of a

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patients nine of these dying 11. It is interesting that of the 360

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at all but was retained in the oesophagus and thence

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that that accuracy is always relative to our purpose and what

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coagulation takes place casein is thrown down with the fat forming

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pseudo muscular hypertrophy. Nevertheless as will presently be sHown

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be visitors of the Examinations and to make representations and recommendations

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oculations. What this study has shown however is that

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the muscle edges. The injury at labour may have been so severe

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with one of the hair waddings penetrated the door carrying

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Morbid Conditions in Adults Dr. Briggs Exhibition of a

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Paraplegia acute spinal arachnitis and softening of the cord following

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recover that both eyes would get well. For the first two days

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decree of January nth is actually in force is suited to every necessity.

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The chance of getting well with or without medical care is fine. Much

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ALTHOUGH much laborious work has been and is being done in connexion

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An examination of the records for the past twenty years presents no

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of their involvement as from the fact that only after

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The last recorded case of yellow fever in the state of Yucatan

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plied with water containing the sewage of London and amongst it whatever

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the way for the more critical and better equipped investigators

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in the paper. In his case the fibroid was attached to

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SiNCK its last issue the Jodrnal has lost its oldest

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tions not only a painful but a disagreeable function and

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resuming their vicious habits within two or three months of re

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