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of Oppel the other at the level of the necks of the

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substantial log buildings two stories high with no openings in the lower

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After five years additional work I brought the surgical treatment

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contained Aceto arsenite of Copper and another copper colour.

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members of the Society. The various suggestions made by the

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generally results either from boxing or from falls upon the face such as

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pathy the physician is studying his case as coolly impartially

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thoroughly wash out the stomach. To allay pain and counteract the

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refusing all credence to Lordat s assertion although it evoked

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dry red pointed tongue and pain after food will very likely

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as little excitement of the circulation as possible.

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maintain their interest during the eighteenth century he

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irritation. It seems not unlikely that the pancreatic juice

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its dangerous nay its almost necessarily fatal effect as

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cesses. Mr. Hutchinson on a hasty examination thought that the

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muscles bone marrow and kidneys. The spinal cord and nerve

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have been attacked in the summer months hot weather and

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comparatively large incision in the gall bladder and

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appearance of the red hepatization of lobar pneumonia. Scattered here

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This however cannot be said of a fellow countryman and

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recently constructed by Dr. Cyril Horsford. e The patient may hold

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another testimony to the necessity for general investigation on the

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to become tubercular if life is sufficiently prolonged.

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large and while it is essentially clinical we notice

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Nattall O. T. Hygienic notes made on a short Journey through

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for more than three years. Repeated bacteriological ex

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active anterior lobe. The latter possesses a diuretic action whereas the

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