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down. Of late years certain ceremonies have been described with

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of their band were totally unwilling to listen to reason

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seemingly the lad is in good health. Ajomero Series.

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splint anil a sling were worn to ensure complete rest.

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species the aijpendages of the mouth are capable of


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given the other patient was given in this case it being

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ipopliteal arteries which was cured by ligature of the

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other forms of medication this has much greater weiglit than m obscure

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midway between the sternum and the spine. This rule may prove service

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reacting in a certain characteristic morbid behavior after

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constricted and swollen so that the prepuce cannot be replaced.

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were in the rhiddeft thereof or behinde the former part of

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in the presence of a slowly progressive cerebellar lesion but even with large

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If the English Drama for 200 years makes a beggarly show when

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promise for the future in pathogenesis and in pharmacody

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injury of the perineum as for instance a boy sometimes falls astride

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reached then the knife is turned so as to cut horizontally till it

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man first consulted was generally thought to be very injudicious.

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escaped from the vagina. There seemed to have been a rapid putrefaction in

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demonstrated the powers of micro organisms and Lister

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cultures were made in 2 cases without obtaining a growth of bacteria.

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Inject a 5 per cent solution of sodium salicylate intratracheally.

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sphygmograph of Etienne Jules Marey 1860 the sphygmomanometers of

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against intestinal worms. Remedies against dyspepsia gastric catarrh

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studied history and the various laws passed at differ

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A diarrhoea occurring during a cholera epidemic should be immediately

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All eommtmioationi for the XdUor andmU toot forreviete themld

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other tragic deeds which surpass in histrionic effect

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writes what is suggested in the printed directions

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illnesses and embraces the application of the osteopathic concept in both etiology

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either we might have first diffuse hepatitis or paren

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Abernethy I have been here on eight different days

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opilatious ing thereof at tbe time tyat isneeoeroll ft

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similar error. The cough of hysterical subjects which is

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it considered itself quite capable of doing all that was

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of dietetics and hygiene and all that sort of thing and many

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adding to the thickness sufficiently to ensure strength but not enough to

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tals ankylosis of the hip excessive abdominal fat etc.

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nostro exemplum proponi quae a Christianis nunquam movendae

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ttons undergo organization and thus the most serious changes are

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the motor irritability of the cortex of the brain has been shown

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quent. They have been ascribed to the use of snow water

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Granted two days leave of absence. August 24 and 25.

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ever situated. In a case of cicatricial stenosis caused

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diabetes. In severe pernicious anenua. the most noteworthy feature was an

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into execution by securing the extirpation of these insect

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of acute poliomyelitis rarely entered the mind of a doctor

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When the ear has been cleaned and pricked as above described

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but from a practical point of view it may be considered to

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benefits of the first aid to the injured system in the

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LEWES S Physiology of C oramon Life. 2 vols. ISmo Cloth

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bad come to realize that federation was not what the

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it is difficult to decide just what relationship the bipoled bac

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began to waste developed polyuria weakness and mental

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be given the first on. the evening of Friday September

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ment may have been the origin of the use of the word

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last annual meeting for attendance on school children. It

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animal is straining afresh. The circumflex action of the sphincter

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Scleronis has been observed to follow impaction by gall Btondl

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supposed to represent secondary growths of cancer in the bowel and

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ciently pronounced to warrant the description of an

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If ibe injections are for any reason inadmissible suppositories of

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important subcortical central organ for the control of the eye muscle nuclei.

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When the disease has continued for some time the body becomes greatly

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Before considering more attentively the mechanism of this spe

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over the affected nerve in the shape of liniments. He

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how rapidly it has formed or how little opportunity has been given for

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of the chief advantages of the outdoor life is that the processes of

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and favours readmitted to my place Which as heretofore

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mileage fee of not less than Is. per mile outwards or in

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in the contagious exanthemata. It occurs especially and most fre

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As soon as any syntactical phenomenon such as the order of words

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Sur la classification des Hemosporidies. Jl. Sciencies

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The remedy is easily applied. Gas logs should be simple and plain with

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wrist joints and adducted at shoulder the knee joint

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tinguish between lufniorrhage fr lt im the nasopharynx stomach and lungs

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depends in considerable measure on the time of year. If in

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liquid alkaloid conline C 8Hi6HN. It is strongly alkaline

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