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and physiological relations so a so in its diseases

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little situations incriminating the teeth encountered in the rou

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ence is generally due to a deranged condition of the digestive

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cation after interference. Ergot should then invariably be given either

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Dr. Hunter Robb formerly of Baltimore. In November of

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The frequency of valvular defects is of course in direct pro

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themselves from strongly exhausting influences and are varied mani

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plication is the rheumatic inflammation of the peri and endocardium.

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between the left thumb and index finger or the jaws of pressure

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who is obliged to toil incessantly for his support.

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in my experience is not nearly so common proportionately as in pernicious

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lactose agar or even ordinary agar. After twenty hours

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many military courses as they did in the scientific literature of the

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traumatism of nearly total necrosis of a kidney from thrombosis of the

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nitrous ether and aconite. On the 2Sth diarrhrea and vomiting set in.

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last four years he has tried the internal administration of po

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impress upon you all the immense importance of paying

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Several maladies are recorded in the work of C lius Aurelianus which are

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Ileocecal tuberculosis in its early stages at least is difficult to

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aud specialists could do no more for them. His cry was No

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we know the mortality is great but very slight if the cases

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maintain not this similitude in their nearer translation into

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regulations to be made after assignment and to iucluda

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marked in th patient s general condition. The articular swell

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According to Flechsig the sensori motoi centres are limited to tolerably

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of separate organs hence in the hereditary psychosis somatic

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the spinal symptoms may be quite overshadowed by the cerebral.

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ripening its fruit in September. The tree if tapped just before the

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employed. This latter consists of strips cut long enough

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vestigations of the Chicago Board of Health last winter

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twisted on itself whilst the wound can be better closed and a

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aceae and by others in Loganiaceae. Calyx inferior deeply five cleft

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times in left side splenic enlargement noticed for 8

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tion has not yet been decided. Semmelweis taught that fever could

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began to suffer from hoarseness when 2 years old. In her case the

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egotism. He exercises what he chooses to call his discriminating sense

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It may be seen that during the above period the high

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In two the shoulder presented one saved and in three

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ures was found in the fact that the tubercle bacilli do

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since been added the pre Chellean Mesvin Chellean Chelles eur Marne

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holding the mask two or three inches from the face at the

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ffltiology differing by showing spastic symptoms and paralysis.

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bathed with a lotion made of a soloid of boric acid

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nervous complexuses have become better developed the cell

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the amount of sickness m a group of 1 000 American soldiers wholiad

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cavities but oftener the cysts are distinct from each other.

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For ail ox give double this dose. If the symptoms increase apply a

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general purulent peritonitis believed to be cured by operators

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dying suddenly while sixteen principally mitral sank gradually and that

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heat eliminated by the condensation of the acid see p. 73. The

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confidence. But he has not been altogether unmindful of other

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culosis because 1 they combat the subacidity in the early

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this class. As sanitarians we wish to know what temperature can be

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whole way of performing the operation in question and settled

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SYMPTOMS. At first vomiting. Pain about cesophagus perhaps

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before setting up the titration. It was diluted with sterile

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there was a stellate fracture bulging beneath the scalp. An in

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Epileptics are very prone to sudden and often tragic

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amount of copper reduced and not the amount of sugar.

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spectacular of all the ceremonies of the Ojibways and

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A variety of examples of financial and institutional problems are

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The following appointments liave been made in connexion

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shock. The brain likewise does not participate as a primary cause in shock.

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disappears from the blood that we have in quinine the means to

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of entirely normal dimensions with distinct nuclei and nucleoli some colorless some

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dissemination of diseases. To this normal condition of

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plaints will inevitably be made. It is characteristic of tuberculosis

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right influenzal pneumonia following inhalation of poisonous irritant gas.

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