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The explanation of the impregnation of the lungs with pigment particles

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cussion when present is evidence of some kind of consolida

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ing done an assistant if present should make rhyth

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lents that of chloride of barium being 122 whilst that of snfphstf

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The liver which is not necessarily enlarged presents a moderate grade of

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not entirely responsible for actions performed. At such

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because the Italian form was the one given preference in the alpha

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extremities and is almost peculiar to childhood while the progressive

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tended that they shall be taken up consecutively and

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watch spring covered by gutta percha or that made of pure lin.

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A therapeutic study pharmacologic and clinical of benzyl benzoate.

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citate the above and will then become physiological.

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ing. The outcome of these cases as fully as it could be obtained

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ment. More important however from a diagnostic point of view is the

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physician was sent tor. Turpentine stupes were applied with

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others. This is prepared in the following manner One gramme

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examination. In such instances the i elvic organs should be examined

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this country. And as a socialist that means a lot to me.

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and agree upon some other methods than at present in

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silver causing white precipitates in a solution of the salt in dis

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year taken a somewhat differ eut method of lightening tlia

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matous infiltration lymphatic in character. As a result of pressiu e tlie

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or seven hundred medical practitioners of the Province of Ontario.

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ty inches making a resection necessary. On account of the

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published a note on a new mode for securing the removal of the

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tween the columnse carneae of the right ventricle were

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general physical laws under which absorption takes place.

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eases belong to the domain of surgery or to that of dermatology

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in which I should have liked too to pay generous tribute to

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schiedener und nicht immer so indifferenter Weise herbeige

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aided by a ligature he resorts to twisting. In one case Orfila

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made a mixture of spleen pulp and blood heated it for

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