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disease behind them. Vagrant German women who have been arrested and exam

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unreasonable to believe that the tissues will return to their nor

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cation. I do not need to dwell upon the beneficial effects of public

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another. Consequently at the opening of the century an

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about the same distance from the surface of the cornea.

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RESoi.VF.n That the Medical Society of the State of Cal

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no more except that it shal be lefull to every suche

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drawings for illustrations of microscopical studies which are

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nearly four times as great as that of the clerical class.

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States west of the Alleghany Mountains and is connected with the affec

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select its recruits a certain height may well be insisted

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During 1913 155 cases of acariasis were observed in horses and mules

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the toxin and anto.xin of tetanus is rather weak and it requires

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lighting apparatus is also a standard fitting. Very few

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often especially in the diphtheroid forms destruction of a large part

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sets in. The same phenomena are seen when shock is induced by blows

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tenderness over the lower abdomen. No masses. Cervix softened

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remained which grew only slightly during the next fifteen years.

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gases inhaled food drink or medicines given at too high a tem

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cal condition such as is manifested by inflammation notwithstand

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The first case of yellow fever which has appeared in

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would remain in a state of complete mutism without eating

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of the female half ot the wide bore flanged gold tuhe 14 carati.

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the midpalmar and palmar thenar spaces the boundary between

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in Russia of the Society of Russian Surgeons in the memory of

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others. This is prepared in the following manner One gramme

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caused by toy pistols should be carefully kept open

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many duplications on the index registers and it is stated

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neuritis was present thirty three or over one third were found to

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catgut suture en ma. ise. The knife after entering the groove of

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diabetes mellitus but Trousseau tells of the terror inspired by one of his

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ture in the rectum. The oral temperature had stood at 99 8 F.

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urine found it impossible to introduce catheter filiform bougee also

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glands. Some can also be found at the border of the true vocal

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kidney that presents a parenchymatous inflammatory process

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American Medical Association. He pointed out that the most dangerous

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C4 511 ENUMERATION ORGANISMS. 1 Shake the test milk

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in some chronic diseases hastens the fatal issue. Colicky pains and cramps

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Cross. A summary narrative will enable the reatler to

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the overcoming of the intellectual hebetude that is es

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