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rica serie de datos sobre la morfologia cerebral y cerebelar se ha

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son has also had an increased number of medical beds given to him.

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irregular but very little reliance can be placed on such distinctions and

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Besides several local applications and domestic remedies had

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anomalies were exhibited and the opinion was expressed that it

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cessive at night. Pressure to the right of the twelfth

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that influence is to be sought not merely in his ac

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and the discharge of the secretions from the throat

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but based on personal experience I submit that the whole

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The little vessels surrounding this club shaped ex

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stock becomes smaller and more delicate with each successive in

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The meetiaig in Edmonton otVor.s an excoMent opportunity to

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mon cause of congestion of the pulp. Through it a cav

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iimoinit of training at the bedside. Classes consisted of about 20 officers whose

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similar committee in consequence of another communication from the

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In an actual case of convulsions it is necessary for intelligent

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the peritoneal cavity while blood serum is bactericidal

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the State to encourage and make easy the visiting of competent men

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lately iu the treatment of leprosy but the centre of the

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long before his death the great French surgeon physician and

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racial traits. Three or four generations are required to graft these traits

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Hospital of Philadelphia Clinical Professor of Gynecology in the

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missing this is a proportion of more than one to eight 507 were

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band of the operator between the outside of the back teeth

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tistics of the Health Department there were 1552 deaths from

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pneumonia after having been huddled up together breathing

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tenderness but with considerable neuralgia. It may re

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when a severe headache developed. He did not mention this until his

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unhurt but was so struck by terror that he was impotent for

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from on June 22 1910. He returned to his home in the

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times bring on sleep. When the feet are persistently cold and not

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later when there was then a sanguineous somewhat offensive di chargc

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ating between the rows will then keep down the weeds

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four months has been rarely free from bloody vaginal

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ETIOLOGY. Fistula in ano the chief part of the pus which drains

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Traube held that the moist engorged state of the lungs of persons

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Midecine as the muriate. Leconte employed the azotate.

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The flow of practice in free current our operator went on with

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Ostertag has modified this treatment in the following manner

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there was a leucocytosis of 30 000 with an eosinophilia of 30 per

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but essential principles of infant hygiene by one who has been

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nose and showing the presence of enlarged pores from which

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for a study of the skeleton with the humerus in the subcoracoid

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tended to apply mainly to all sedentary persons those

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partly intemidy yellow na a result of the retention of bile iuduoed

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Greenlander and the Russian are not adventitious freaks of taste but neces

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that cyanide of mercury was not only anti syphilitic but also a powerful

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a sharp fine white line below is a little clear zone

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been two or three per thousand in excess of that in

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body has hitherto solved this question satisfactorily. Other oils and fats have

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symptoms if to any. In a case recorded by Villard the aneurysm

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of organic acid of cold of sugar as such and of its fermentation

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The proportion who enlisted at the age of 24 and under was 51.31

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with long papilL e. The papillary layer ot connective tissue had dis

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as any treatment should which reduces the mortality to

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land for the purpose of making physical examinations

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of a telephone system in all the wards and improved

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four a. m. The treatments have given her very great re

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and placed the left anteriorly and the right poste

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over a railway coach alighting upon his buttocks on a pile of

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press my thanks to his associates in the Institute of Physiology

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lated into chimpanzees who will be followed for biochemical and histologic

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was done as far as I can recollect by myself. After this

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the apex. In this connection it must be noted again that the

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country there was a reasonable ground for supposing

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vere articularly if it disturbs tlie rest at night morphia must be given.

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tional authorities in Scotland for the medical treatment

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dence of bone tuberculosis which was often earlier than

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with an enema of castor oil and turpentine with an internal

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cocain. The quantity of cocain used by this route is

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Meckel. Perforation et fistule diverticulo colique. Evolution subaigue des manifesta

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so small irregular and deeply placed. Furthermore in

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Ai hasic disturbances for convenience of description are arbitrarily di

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Held argued that the cells present in the motor roots of the

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lesions occur only in animals vhose respiratory apparatus has already

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fanjily. In puppies ond in kittens it often causes convulsions l etween

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vomiting continued every morning. The treatment employed consisted in the

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of minor surgery and the trifling ills of childhood. She tied up cut

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archaic crudities of anatomic nomenclature medicated 4r

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their own curse. We have no punishment for the syphilitic and

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malaise that continues several days the patient be

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that in a war betw een tw o first class Powers there would

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