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idea in this organization proving its great useful

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climate. 6. Sanitary administration in relation to re

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veloped his sense of smell very successfully to dis

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It declares itself at the moment that this flux is most abun

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itself to South African practitioners District Surgeons

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erally accepted by anatomists. Gynaecologists judg

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bacillus. Koch distinctly states in all of his com

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of tabes as demonstrated by Nageotte is vascular and meningeal and this

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pedicels as large as the general peduncle petals truncate at the apex

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explained a great scheme he had in view of making the Royal Free

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urethmtomy for an account of which see section on Anteflexion. This

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the nipple and the apex and extending an inch or so

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The department would not presume to dictate to this highly

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upon for incidents which made the points more easily understood

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hair a more or less acute degree of irritation characterized by pruritus

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This is a subject of a great deal of interest because

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the hips fixed. If now the shoulders are raised any pain pro

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observations were made on rabbits and have been referred to.

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t I shall first submit to your consideration a succinct account

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carbolic acid next of one broad layer of antiseptic gauze wetted with

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rest the care and responsibility for the preventive

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other more remote about 11 16 mm from the margin venation of all

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justice throughout his work to the various American

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bacilli. Cultures should be made or a mouse or guinea pig inoculated

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The translation of John Ardern s book does not appear

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the eruption of ulcers o the throat may be apprehended under the following

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puff out as if the man were forcibly smoking a pipe. Perhaps

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tenderness but with considerable neuralgia. It may re

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Johnston and his staff of Brushwood Graphics for their

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gall bladder and obstruction of the common duct asso

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Kagen in 1883 claimed that the ordinary methods of determining

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dies nervcuses a la Faculte de Medecine de Paris etc. Re

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from the nose and left ear. A narrow strip of brain substance was

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occurring along the rivers in the centre and to the south and

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fact when a dry fibre of cotton is placed beside a fibre of

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lowing the birational transformation rank of an algebraic con

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although their nature is in truth identical. I have too often

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removal in 1913 to Denmark Hill. The editor must be

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explosion of nerve force followed by certain somatic and

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only be settled by admitting the will to be the seat

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ordinarily occur in the faeces and usually some biliphaein their reaction

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alteration of structure from disease or accident which does inter

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tuberculin by setting up a local activit in or near a tuber

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the association of cancer and cholelithiasis as a mere

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bends backward and to the left forming the suprasternal curvature

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trophied muscles. Finally in all the lesions found in the cord were

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the aggravation rather than the alleviation of disease.

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mentioned and the cultural methods used by these investigators should be

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by more prompt and positive results and far less delete

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connective tissue and who demonstrates Meckel s ganglion in

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tion in which pernicious vomiting was a feature 2 eases pro

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and as an astringent in wounds also used in conjunctivitis and

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certain parts and chemical and bacteriological examinations

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Antipyrine for Local Anaesthesia of the Bladder. Poos

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combination with a normal diet the percentage of hemoglobin

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to two weeks after which it grad frequently subsides without apparent

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lar e number of the payments were modified in respect of

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Nagas Ostiaks Eskimos Chinooks Comanches and Chippewas. What

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cloth. It will holcf all that light uiHin it and the more

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peridental membrane as thin as would be desirable for

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Name three characteristic lesions of each of the following diseases

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In this mann.er inspection was made of 416 cows in thirty eight

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kirgely replaced the radical Wertheim operation for carcinoma of the

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It is superfluous to say that primitive man was overtaken

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Dijon. Experimental work in connection with the problems of wounds of the

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treatment is of great importance and is too apt to re

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doubt affects the respiration in different ways but it must be particularly

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for the United States Canad i and Mexico WM per year for nil

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For clinical instruction and laboratory work this class is divided into

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merge into one and the Hps nostrils face cheeks forehead and ears are

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followed in all experiments by a subsequent rise of pressure

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