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motion and pain. The latter was sometimes severe and re
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ease. The characteristic scorbutic signs in the gums
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among persons from fifty to seventy years of age though Czerny observed a
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Until 1896 the thyroid was studied frequently to learn
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Rupture of dilated vesicles may lead to pneumothorax but if the pleura
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open a continuous column of blood fills the aorta and
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most efficacious plan of treatment even if somewhat the most pain
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cotfee and digitalis. 7 In constitutional disorders such as anasmia
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adults enjoy immunity to scarlet fever on account of a
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mined. It is difficult to distinguish microscopically
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and its contents is especially valuable giving also the in
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gave as its characteristic symptoms a slight lowering of central vision a
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McDowell A. B. acting assistant surgeon relieved from duty at
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the process has existed for ahont a week larger refractive crescentic
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algesia. The indifferent electrode attached to a farad ic battery
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give less trouble partly because as a rule they get
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been suggested. Davies Colley cut the flexor tendons of the
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cells which have given rise for a long time to the most
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occasionally to the present. From about the second or third attack of the
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anterior from the funiculus lateralis much better than
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can be distinguished from one another by colony characters
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deputy inspector general as colonel according to the dale of the com
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additions yet small to those which accrue to our adversaries
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studies have grandeur and beauty in so far as they increase the
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alveoli. Some remain here others are carried on in the lymphatics
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increased absorption under this treatment lie considers undoubted.
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tering great exposure to heat and cold of excessive and ex
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Remarkably efficacious in St. Vitus Dance convulsions and lockjaw.
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tion concerning their new location so that it is impossible to
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Theit blood contained no parasite and their temperature charts in no
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bethan age Religion ran riot in England. We owe the imbecility and
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Gazette Benjamin Franklin s own paper under date of Dec.
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Laboulbene. j 8 These are all historical. The general features
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experiments during the past year and these experiments
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preeminence in operative surgery has been to a very consider
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you softly sipping the black liquor that comforts the heart.
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the surgeon be called to a patient who has been ill for a
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form these cells deserted the confines of the epithelium and in an
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present Benjamin W. Dudley Charles Caldwell Samuel Brown
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dogs by opening the mouth and in cattle by pulling on the
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ANfiKioMA SiMi i.K. A small violet or red slightly elevated tumor
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and interpretation of facts as taught by Hippocrates. The effect
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insufficient in caloric value and one on which a normal individual
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ing that Lepine and his co workeis should have found that
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elastic lamina was split and formed a series of concentric circles in the
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deaths cerebrospinal meningitis 6 case s 2 deaths measles
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from extensive pelvic suppuration whom I have treated by
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greased with a little butter. When this has cooled so
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the scleotiou of cases for quinidine treatment but by
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quantities of nutrient and functionating material converting these
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the respect of all persons great and small is equally clear that
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The chief danger in these severer forms comes from the involvement of
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white blood corpuscles although there seemed to be some slight increaae
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be of one type. Staphylococci were isolated less frequently than
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methods is superlatively difficult yet this task must be undertaken
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cal religious social or solely personal were in reality merely
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now a moment s notice were it not that it unfortunately found expression
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beuzol compounds. 6 Tlieories regarding the causation
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hours. An autopsy showed diffuse meningeal hiemorrhage and a
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but the applications employed by him though they caused pain proved
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believe 2 Concentrated air pressure as in cough Reynaud Williams
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vaginal and diaphragmatic hernia of the urinary blad
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copious bleeding has afforded her evident and immediate relief. Her repro
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ing in Denver organized a new section of Physiology
the members of the medical profession and the pubhc at large believed the
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At the third left cartilage the first sound appeared rough or perhaps
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An uNusu.iLLT large number of cases of tetanus with
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be rubbed thoroughly into the deseased parts and this directly
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Exsiccatum Ferri Valerianas Pilulae Ferri Carbonatis Pilulae Ferri
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fauces the uvula and the tonsils. The pustules have been observed in
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In my opinion I can proudly say that Dr. Bostrom was one of
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head of the circulation page 548 liow dilatation of the heart

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