and functional activity of internal parts as well as their

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ges mit Lues in Fallen zu beachlcn scin wo das klinische T3ild eines

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uted among the several hospitals where its personnel gave instruction to

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thing that Dr. Williams has written except his unjust

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on the ordinance passed by the College nineteen years ago which

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pain. Occipital pain docs not necessarily mean with all the

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Lodging wounds often need a counter incision either for the

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In palpation one seeks to elicit the expansile pulsation and thrill

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corrected and the patient was well in six weeks. One case had

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diseases for each year of the past decade shows that for the white

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tion of unexposed individuals having the bacilli in

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excited cellular activity. To this therefore must be attributed

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purpose he has kept a succinct and accurate history

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omitted in the statistics. The examinations were made by means of

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there would be eventually a greater amount of happiness and

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which hard saying if the children of this generation would

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operating not two. The answer to this is that the facts

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of supposedly impure soil water and air were subjected to

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sation of pain and digestive disturbances. Many patients

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destroy these foes to comfort and sleep. Persian powder made with the

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normal number of cells. The leucocytes of the granulocyte series were almost

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ment therefore absolutely eliminates convalescent carriers. As for healthy

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For many months five or six he has been bothered by his intimate

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trated individual. This was the picture The early cases in particular showed

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very flabby and fatty heart with a rupture three inches long in

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States. While formerly it was generally distributed through

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Drs. Oliver and Morland and published within the past year.

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the worry exhibited was groundless and unjustified. It

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contracted a loose and careless mode of examining the progress of disease

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The simplicity of this method is very apparent. In addition to the fact

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lect is almost invariably met with in connection with aphasia

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o clock when the following very interesting papers were

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the pains are spasmodic with cold skin as above give hypodermic

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on the Principles and Practice of Physic published in 1843 by

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decided value and therefore it is to the interest of the

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covered with slime and portions of the mucous membrane of the stom

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with every requisite for chemical experimentation but also with

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automatism with its abnormal syntheses tends to indnce dissocia

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tainly not be destroyed in the milk it is evident that

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The period of development varies with the host and also with the

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Laninas is congestion of the palate a redness and swollen condition

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griseus and also the brain weight in relation to the body length of

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erated after transverse lesions at different levels. These

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of the Fowl. Grassi and EovelH state that the Cysticercus of this Tyenia

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department of the Army at the meeting of the Pan American Sani

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order of his author and lets the pathology engage his first attention

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ease. His cattle were less frequently afflicted than formerly which he attributes to

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cae volitantcs photopliobia constipation anorexia and insomnia with

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strument is not applicable at the bedside on account

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ing extent nearly 4 inches from the pylorus a ring similarly intro

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in a copious discharge of calcareous concretions of variouB r.

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Specimen Removed at Autopsy Showing Multiple Calculi in Right

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of the fifteen members of the new boards of visita

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which the bacillus occurs in the body without the characteris

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est esteem respect and veneration and while at times holding views

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number of deaths reported to the Adjutant General s Of

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deceiving that he is uncertain and treacherous with a dull

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