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cian prescribed tincture of iodin and another a white mercury ointment.

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leads me to remark in the first place that the muscular

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changes in the brain which no operation can help. In

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loyally put such thoughts aside as suggestions of the Evil One.

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ing flannel or chamois leather jacket. F ir checking hemorrhage

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by one or the other of the following cough combinations

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Dr. George Hereerf Evans of San Francisco said that

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Carl Wernicke 1848 1905 of Tamowitz Upper Silesia pro

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may make the better soldier in the shorter period if

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the spinal cord becomes very much diminished and at the end of the

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with the details of the federation question but there were

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Lamar has devised a method for the local treatment of pneumo

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tkios and seminal cmiaaicM iodooed hy the impeded eeeape of blood

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The patient was in labor forty eight hours having contractions every

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a type of chemical structure which gives to the substance a

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hysterical persons called clavus has some resemblance to

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That is evidenced by the fact that our confreres in Europe who come

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congestion of the urinary organs including lumbar pain

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bing pain even when there is but little redness or swelling.

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sidered it necessay since 1S71 to have three Improvement Acts of its

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contrary to the toxical effects it caases in large doses which

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Hvdatid disease of the liver spleen or kidney might be mistaken

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markable cures by charlatans. Presenting as they do many if

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In structure it would appear that the fundamental portion of these

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classed as strictly incipient cases. Both lungs were

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families in the city. In six of these scarlatina occurred

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give a stamp of authoritative co operation and approval.

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shorter period take on a vegetative activity and assume the characters

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undertake an entire translation of the Iliad. The two pieces which

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his two central incisors knocked out. He searched for them washed them

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cannot conceive how any mortal could have imitated and gone through

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Lock Jaw germs sometimes enter the body of the horse in tooth

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interesting pictures which varied somewhat in different parts of

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the establishment of an artificial anus. The method of resection

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A study of the meningeal changes showed marked dilatation

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The cases we have described and the experiments published by

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veloping around this lung will interfere with the caliber of the

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nerves passing through the fatty masses and striking

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when a cavity existed in the upper lobe of the left

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tion against fanaticism of beauty and freedom against anxious ear

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tuberculosis. Other phases of the subject were discussed

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tract l gt elow the corpora quadrigemina hemianopsia may also occur but under

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was split in two and part of it utilized for mucous membrane and

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body of invading bacteria advancing slowly along the surface of

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arate the two halves re vaselin and tie together and this

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ibnonnal blootl pressure. If the viscid secretion is pouring out in the

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individual teeth of both dentitions are much below normal size but

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It is equally important that those who would maintain their

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denudation will then be necessary but in the vast majority of cases

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knowledge which sets them apart dealing ever with the tremen

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entering on his practice his ignorance contrasts sadly with

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arsenic iodine tuberculin in small doses and mercury carefully given

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indigestion. The food becomes too strong and the stomach and the

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per three milefl Power. In the country districts or among the poor visits

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communtries. In some towns a district nurse should remain in resi

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motion to the limbs of animals or be itfelf ftimulated into motion

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led to the case being included in the category of meningo encephaliti.s

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tion and capacity is to yield 500 fc on the investment.

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effects of radiations on the plasma point this out as one of

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enlarged inasmuch as after occlusion of the main artery the blood can

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worm. It is evident that any medicine which will combine these

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affect certain of the cranial nerves and the first of these to be

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