to the diet. Death occurred February 4. Type A was recovered from
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cutaneous tissue. Rise in the temperature of the body heightens
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appear to indicate that medicaments were supplied from the convent dispensary not only
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hardly a case which comes directly under the category of ordinary
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removing the patient from the bath wra gt in warm blankets and
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have however from the nature of the case no medico legal
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deluged by the recent rain is fixed to commence on April 15th. The
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cases only one colony was isolated from any particular throat
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away in thirty five years. Pechlin reports 155 venesections in one person
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is found upon either side the plica or arcus pharyngo epi
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normally distributed throughout the liver cells but are espe
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with previously healthy lungs and in such cases the association of the two
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like process is very frequently associated with gall
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rmptoma ami previous bistor made ibe existence of pregnancy
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When the vaccination inspector was making his rounds on a
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glandular hypertrophy. In a case recently seen by us it reached nearly
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vanced cases of exophthalmic goitre the internal res
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independently in different places. The danger of accumulating
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is feldome well vfcd and it onely attendeth thefracturci
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marily I have not seen a case and it must be rare but
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non vascular. The tumour was in some parts laminated in
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used an infusion of cucumber very extensively and foundnt an excellent
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a tendency to ulceration as illustrated in the case cited.
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the retiring chairman for his conduct in the chair during the
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oza na due to foreign bodies and he starts with the
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are folded over the third and secured in place using three saf etypins
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mortem examination a few discrete granulations on the peritoneum and
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pani parcsis so that catheterization must be resorted to. If the paralywa
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rfa brown resinous looking mass. That the colchicia of Hess and
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in the human skull. The accounts of the processes of ossification
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and the great and increasing emigration of foreigners among us would it
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as well be gonorrhoeal as catarrhal. The grounds for the
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feeding. The stools were always fecal usually green and
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an individual whether or not life will be worth the liv
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permanganate of potash which was kept up for several days.
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matter. A great advantage of this kind is the depth to which they
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These elements vary greatly of course in different towns.
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Palatix According to Galen Nero in giving this distinction to Androma
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The digefting materials produce a flow of bile and of pancreatic
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centric corpuscles are seen in which the nuclei have en
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ments the joints of both limbs being ankylosed. The woman could localize
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master the anatomy which he requires and gross pathology will soon
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the region of the genitals in true accusations of rape. The
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descriptions of the 513 models drawings or specimens of which the scries
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in combination with other tumor tissue. They are usually found
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Local Causes. One who carefully studies the clinical features of a large
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gets one hundred and fifty he cannot fail to become aware of
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peridental membrane as thin as would be desirable for
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office which in no way applies to the principles of
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Virgil P. Gibney said in this paper that early in the
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from a small number of facts. Ploucquet making use of three
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this free Medical Department has joined the cause of higher
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people and is generally situated behind the ankle. The
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and numerous cases which looked utterly hopeless resulted in
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of the spine and it was found that in only one out of
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leaves the table. Many good and ultracareful operators use the
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vision for its execution seemed to be the opening of special
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before we can say whether this is predominantly nervous or muscular in
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sharply defined they look like the commencement of lupus are rather soft
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to keep a full board at the remaining recruit depots and depot posts
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heart showed disease of the tricuspid and mitral valves
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the liver observed that patients in this disease instead of
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to cause the most horrible wouuds possible. Fortunately
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weak government where the social order is weak in large cities

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