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CHARACTERS. In oolourless transparent crystalline masses exhibiting the fiuses of

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uted to senescence as such but to entirely local causes. The pure senile

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that haemorrhage at any time is more or less normal and

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fection is present the local lesions may be cured by the opera

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were scarcely permeable to the rays. The movements of the diaphragm

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Dr. Benjamin Franklin Roller and Miss Augusta Leslie

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nervous system of the heart itself which make them liable

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a feeling of weight or heaviness. On July 29th she still

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the more sensitive sympathetic centres the greater the probability that it

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and a jury may be empanelled for the sole purpose of trying the

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the haemoglobin and the number of leucocytes with irregular

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problems set to the biologist and therefore that rapid advance is not to

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on account of his falling back into his old habits.

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I have repeatedly used injections of omuopon for severe

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see Medical Association. November 1895. This substance from

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areolar tissue is their most frccjucnt location but no tissue is

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except in tlie Union Literary Institute an institution in Randolph County

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ingly reproduced by Vanity Fair among its cartoons of prominent men.

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