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on the back. 3. Under no circumstances hold up the body by

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Whitehall Yard his tenure of office was marked by a courteous and

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Db. Euhlmak Then I object. Take what it was first termed

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symptoms are always present 1. A straight fissure resembling a sand

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the buttock is the possibility of con into the animals lungs. The joints

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If a kidney is so contracted that it cannot perform

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Muscular weakness myasthenia of varying grades is found in the

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toxins that find entrance in this way. There are cases going

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was now persistent from the angle of the scapula to

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neys unfavorable surroundings and disturbances of the nervous eys

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The early settlers employed it for like purposes and

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simple especially as regards the former but it is for

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pect discharging sanious offensive matter and the lymphatic

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As regards technique the author prefers after sedimentation of the

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cases was life. He agrees with all other surgeons of

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of his illness he took a fancy for buttermilk which

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often produced extensive inflammation of the joint that the opera

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Ileocecal tuberculosis in its early stages at least is difficult to

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of the other types of cells involved. They are of course numer

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This promise of a brilliant cai eer as a consulting

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in some form. When trouble localized hot poultices 1 2 or icc

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but contain also admirable regulations for the health of the body to

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best form of administration is the infusion made by macerating for thirty

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other gentlemen of Chicago but these papers will not

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The following named assistant surgeons upon the completion of the

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suggestion of an operation works a cure and probaVjly some so called

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pulmonary vessels may also be compressed aid in all Kussmaul s cases

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Interstate Commerce Commission for the year ended June

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chanter of the affected side further upwards and outwards than that of the

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run parallel to the slit and give a series of ordinates. If in

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nearly halt a century has beeu presented l y his friends

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in one of the cases of smallpox. At a two large distended

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description of their contributions to the Honorary Secretary at

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axis of the vertebrate body was established by the concrescence

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been punctured but in no case was either pneumonia or swine fever

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members of the profession to require them to attest

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maj require a careful and prolonged search to avoid overlooking such

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Case I. Elizabeth D. 74 years old was sent to my out

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