sive hyperaemiu often leaves no trace discoverable at the autopsy.

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inasmuch as it was mainly composed of delegates from the various

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valescence attacks of delirium may occur. In general severe cerebral

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imperfect so that any considerable expansion of the lungs would

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case the exudate became organized and in the latter the epithelium of the

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ocularis Moquin Tandon 1860 347 includes Dist. ophthalmobium Dicrocoelium

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All such practices are to be condemned as very dangerous to the public

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passed for constructing free gravel roads by assessment of lands lying

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intoxicating liquors for no severe typhus fever ever runs its course without

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upper arm muscles especially biceps and in L. biceps Action

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of unilocular cyst aspiration had been found successful in a sufficient

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of insurance during health for hospital benefit. Tar from

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more than usual but this is rather rare and such an

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The following candidates pa gt stHl the Hnal examination V. J. Ab

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riorly. The pain is nearly constant and although at times more

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make almost complete use of their commodious new buildings. The

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If a perforation cannot be seen its presence may be proved by the

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tremely common instead of being rare for a very large

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alluded to one of his father s in which ossification had proceeded so

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During the year 1858 59 there were 104 admissions from dysentery

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ence of the vesico vaginal fistula apparently prevented a cys

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tive officers attendants and litter bearers 3d That the

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the patient is returned to bed with a dry throat he is

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Aberdeen j f 24 concludes 1. Tropacocaine is more reliable and

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us open the subject with a few questions of vital importance in

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and used for many years but it was not until 1891 that

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pulsation in the epigastric region sometimes a definite tumor. A thrill

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organising the necessary establishment. He trusted however that these

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are the remains of the badly evolved spermatozoids. Under these cir

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portion to its production. While fever can be produced and con

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very rapid gangrene of the mucous membia je seems to be

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Dublin physician single handed assailed an opinion which appeared

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and I thierefore repeated the experiment but with this diflference

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The list contains the names of three officers of the Royal

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fracture. Bronson found deafness in 7 cases Voorhoeve

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matic shred. Bacilli tuberculosis were present in small

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tion of unexposed individuals having the bacilli in

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Two cups of Indian meal scalded with as little water

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the same time it provides for a damaging and offensively

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do claim that it will often do so when nothing else

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beween the body and the evil spirit. During the middle ages

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which I had lately made concerning the fever of the present

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cause is unknown it is proper to try whether refrigerants or calefacients give

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tubes 1 to 2 c.c. of toluene is added to prevent putrefaction and

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except for an interval in the centre as shown in the illus

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by an Ass to a brother Ass was followed iwitantery to the

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condition of Helensburg will be considered to be in a satisfactory

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is nearly a reprint of his Fourth and contains the two Dis

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the second left intercostal space close to the sternum

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cranial cavity forming a packing all round the brain. This may pos

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frequently ingest as much as 0 2 cubic centimetre. After feeding they

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ism than on the side where the aneurism was excised for

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sufficient or the patient had gone to full term. Dr. Mai ins thought

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has been found to be attended by some drawbacks. An infection of a

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