Model Scheme A issued by the Commissioners provided

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extracted from the anterior chamber of a Horse by keratotomy a

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Of the hearing apparatus inside the head the only dis

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valescence the posture maintained during this period is a

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made. It is also suggested that normal salt solution be

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utter twelve months ago. In the interval a great deal

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a delicate network traversing the pulmonary tissue in all directions.

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on tibia. A wide fringe of urate of soda along whole lower edge

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strategy of a campaign against the series of well intrenched positions

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disinfect such incoming vessels as may be turned over to them by the

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data to such questions as the normal growth of children the normal

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require the greatest care to disentangle them. Yet it

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as freely as it does through the normal healthy urethra recog

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a degree each day with regular morning and evening variations until the

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Although gargles have been employed from the oldest times

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was the work of but a few rapid exciting moments. In

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evinces that our perceptions are motions of the organs of feufe and

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cause disease and the disease causes poverty the county agent or some

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itself had undergone normal development and was provided

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terminated fatally in from four to fourteen hours. The sixth and

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statistical methods. But all the work to which reference has here

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same sex 46 marriages between two men and 3 between 2

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not all be attributed to chloroform for one change in

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where nothing more is found to be possible or in addition to more

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cause glycosuria. We must admit at present that the

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ation of fibrin ferment in the general blood stream it would be quite

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the order of their entrance into the respective hospitals. No men

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admissions were 160 men and 1S7 women. The discharges were 132

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from the hog only 24.4 per cent of the protein given and only

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radiments are forming those of other parts are also being developed.

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gives five cases in which the patients referred their cardiac symptoms to

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Pyrenees. Ramond Observations faites daus les Pyrenees Svo

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in various countries notably in the United States forbid

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to twice its former quantity while the vision of the left eye was

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tic acid and the mixture dialyzed free hydrochloric

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But if the disease is of a nature to permit the development of

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hold where steric hindrance effects or experimental obstacles and

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was removed water dressings applied cod liver oil and iron prescribed

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that in all cases of diseased lungs no perfectly normal omentum

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a very considerable benefit to the University and to

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demands a notice from us. The chief symptoms are exhaustion

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law with that taken up by solutions of haemoglobin Cheistian Bohr shows

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Laennec and Louis of the cheesy tubercle. According to recent

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glottis so as to evacuate the blisters. The suggestion of this dis

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growths are often lighter in colour and owing to iheir defective blood

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you would naturally expect from the intercostal arteries. And

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Professor of Zoology Imperial University Tokyo Japan

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degenerated segments in the nerv. IMayerhas noticed

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introduced new models. This year nearly all firms will

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sodium stearate cups. Fischer believes that this type of membrane closely

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succeeded in obtaining the secretion and in thirteen

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