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affecting the whole scalp. To this class belongs also the baldness due to
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for butter and cream in the quantities specified in
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which is such a crying necessity to represent every
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cesses. Mr. Hutchinson on a hasty examination thought that the
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a pleasant form especially well adapted for children. In strumous
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splinter shifted between the two diaphysial fragments
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clusive purpose of ascertaining what was best most convenient and tasteful
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single laboratory test must be ob ious to anyone upon the slightest
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drugs which have gone thru a similar history. Digitalis origin
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constitution habits of life and above all judicious treatment. 8y hilis
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a booklet issued by the State Department of Labor of
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meeting the anterior strap at the temple over which it was
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The ascites increased which made a possible enlargement of the
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bacillus. Koch distinctly states in all of his com
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Slid Home Counties Field Ambulance. Temporary Lieut. Colonel
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ever it is advisable to follow the suggestion of Tuffier who. in
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We had noticed many soldiers in Paris but supposed it was
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seated in their follicles so that attempts at depilation are
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provoked at the eighth month. For it may be regarded as cer
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days to the mathematical surgery whose chief exponent is Carrel. He
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digestion of the omasum chronic enteritis bronchitis and has
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is sometimes so remarkable. The jaws are heavy and espe
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vantages over the usual method of administering ether
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who exhibits antisocial sexualistic tendencies is the
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course of clinical lectures for the winter session
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itself responsible for the health of the individual units of
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no deaths from small pox registered in any of the fifteen districts during
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the reaction of acetone and chloroform and has been
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adopted method but it would be more correct to divide it on
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McGlothlin wills gladly to applicants for same her ladylike manner.
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in the Eastern States especially during raw damp. weather. The
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across one or two interesting neurotic affections. A marine
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tremulous shows los.s of self control and exhibits fits of
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sues. If this excess of fluid were deducted it would
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Pharmacopoeia provides a ten per cent. tincture. As
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the existence of such a principle is admitted the attempts to isolate
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differed not only in its expansion but in its character. The
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tity of leucin and tj roain and estractivea are aubstituted. It contMna
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applied to the lower extremity in.such a way that the femur is not
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ideal theory with marked success. Many of the difficulties of the
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centric corpuscles are seen in which the nuclei have en
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