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the preceding year was due to the greater fatality of summer diarrhoea.

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the last year reported by the census bureau Med. Stan

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Fig. 4 where there is a rich network of unobstructed and anastomos

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agement is sufficient that a pharmacy can be maintained for the

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Thus though guilty of the offence laid to his charge he was found

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have no right of entry into the homes of the people and

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which for the time being he is utterly unable to recall. Sometimes

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when properly employed a most valuable remedy for a large number of

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Queen s regulations paragraph A to D inclusive is thus cancelled but

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The remedy is easily applied. Gas logs should be simple and plain with

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every pulsation the heart and vessels perform. The same aliment

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streptococcus but in the casjs of late iridocyclitis it had

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evolution is not continued in the intestine of the Dog but after their

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has slept all night by the closeness he has observed on enter

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most frequent. There were moreover. Streptococci and

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it. They are often found no larger than a coat button while in

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quantity of coagulum. Upon the embryonic tissue thus formed

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cause tetention of urine or difficult defalcation the tumour in this case

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combined voices of such a multitude heard at dead of night from the

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stagnating blood and we wake in a fright or trembling or

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risk to be run if under his circumstances he should endeavour to violate

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Society man Paschal took upon himself to explain it.

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