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case the disease should be regarded as serious and the patient should be

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London to complete his studies with the object after this of rejoining

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erythrocytes and iu other places mainly of leukocytes. In

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quantity of fenforial power muft be accumulated and a propenfity to

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Bononiae Bellagambam 1606. De quadrupedibus solipedibus volumen

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thing more decent of it is not clear but a study of

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Christophers j capillary in the liver showing endothelial cells containing parasites after

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Warren Museum in Boston. The subject was an Indian twenty one years

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tious so common in children were discussed and Dr. Lees

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and make us proud of Irish medicine. Their i athol lt

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sources the great protective power of vaccination it

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direct or indirect influence of the capsules or the kidneys and ncrv uir

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spirituous taint piaa ma instead of being putrefied. This it

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hundred and three four or more degrees. There is great thirst. The

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bladder. In the lung the small bronchial tubes are filled with white

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case of retroperitoneal hematoma the size of a man s head con

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doubtless will be in the future even more profitably culti

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Though a certain quantity of light facilitates the formation of the

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Sylvian arteries is especially prone to involvement. It is also stated that the

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then any external injuries the body may have received.

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book being thereby less clear or less complete and yet it contains a

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could be checked. It must be borne in mind that similar accidents are

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greatly facilitated. That such a course under present con

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evident. For the purpose of description however they will be retained.

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men officers and nurses runs between twelve and fourteen hundred

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