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an acid glucoside niyronic acid is broken up by another

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lowing letter from the surgeon line of communications explains his conception

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atl f think loo much disposed to believe that we shall never see

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memorial to Pastenr in commemoration of the one hundredth

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He points out that a question might arise as to whether

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tissue this was not the simple thickening remarked in the ery

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stiff froth add to the sugar and water put in a deep

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to being differentiated from the father is much more interest

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representation and excitation of these sensory centres by

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all the available literature and should prove a great

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cussion note at one apex is slightly impaired and the

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original plan not to make his volume too cumbersome for student

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spherical bodies colloid masses are scattered here and there.

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marked disturbance of the urinary flow. We saw under the

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and quoted by Guyot Daub6s who has made an extensive collection of the

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b. Actinomyces asteroides. Colonies are similar to those on plain

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tion of the alkalinity of the blood to the color inde.x and our

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days of the disease. Its diagnostic value is therefore considerable especially

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indeed startling they stunned. Before this statistics

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In 1936 the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center deeded the

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while in some gravely ill cases occurring in the very

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infarction which he explains by haemorrhage from newly formed richly

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The pineal is no better off. After summarizing the investigations

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A curious point about those who associate colours with numbers

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if necessary. Narcotina may likewise be obtained by digesting opium

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ing too long. It was the uncertainty of diagnosis that

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to throw doubt on its identity with trichina and Dr. Bastian

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glandular enlargement with involvement of liver and spleen.

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hypochondria another heart disease amp c. They could not even

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vention the greatest of all the auxiliaries of medicine

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of outline. The writer showed a series of letters he had devised

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panied by other signs of severe toxaemia. It is interesting to

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but based on personal experience I submit that the whole

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positive opinion is hard to give and a prognosis still harder. Perhaps the

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stand why doctors of prominence and who are also gentlemen

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motor excitement of some delirious cases to choreiform movements tremor

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