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Tables should be scrubbed with soap and water after each meal.

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to In readily moved m any direction upon it axis. Not feeling desirous

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balanitis gonorrhoea excessive venery. etc. The action may end in reso

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solution of liq. cocaine he first injects in one or

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to the functions interfered with Voisin according to

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enough water to form steam and keep them moist the skin holding

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The contract between the Lords of the Admiralty and

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the same form. The only appreciable difference is in the size of

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Eight days later the man came to Twashtri and said

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Resolved That a committee of three be appointed to investi

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number of experiments. He found that in the early stages of

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The venous foramen of the left side of the heart is situated

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organ and is very rich in cells. As age advances it becomes

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joint. A skiagraph taken a few days ago showed that

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of many diseases cannot be explained in compact easily com

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tertiary syphilis untreated. I have seen this in the case of a

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vagina and cervix before operations which follow from these facts. He re

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treatment. In ad.dtiou to the rapid healing of the ulcer

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in robust health. It would in fact be murder in its

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In the sixteen largest.Scottish towns 1.215 births and 608 deaths were

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tion performed on their children I do hereby sincerely declare

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obstructive form polypi are to be removed if present and in stenosis the

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series of painstaking observations on the normal and

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