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Two new genera of starfishes Annals and Magazine of Natural

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stream of urine. The stream of urine is not usually changed in

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haemorrhages were not necessarily confined to the base of the

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operation. Later when we had found that the analysis of the

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early period of life. Since these affections can in most in

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which this report has been referred has more than once

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Figure 170 represents Miss Millie Josephine of Chicago a recent ex

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His love letters written while pursuing his medical studies

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seated in the joint ends which either directly or in

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The explanation of the impregnation of the lungs with pigment particles

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apply cloths dipt in vinegar or camphorated fpirits

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among persons from fifty to seventy years of age though Czerny observed a

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tate hemorrhages into the cord a granular appearance

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crease even up to its death on the seventeenth day.

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Auscultation. Bronchial breathing and broncophony become more dis

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lanced pulse keeps at 90. Patient looks well. Left arm and forearm

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the commission to the places of examination it is necessary

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vain exhausted a fine vocabulary of comforting phrases. I crave

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The climate was unhealthy but the efforts to control disease were ex

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and investi tion have shown condushrely that Trommer

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less than half the time required by the usual methods.

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iiibbing are to shrink and destroy the material it should therefore never be

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and accompanies rather than succeeds the loss of power. The type is

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normalities of the Sexual Glands of Man and Horses. The au

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to parental venereal disease but not that 50 per cent of

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blood corpuscles and pus as well as the peculiar colloid bodies previously

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operations one in which the smallest possible opening is made

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mans results which are unfortunately often as fallacious

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the bowel were rejoined successfully. The mucous mem

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The peculiar ingredient of the urine urea contains a great quantity

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Frick C. Relation of Dumb bell Crystals to Uric Acid with Wood

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most important subjective features. Syncopal attacks and anginoid pains

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outlines of the acini however are distinct. The hepatic cells are

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caused stomachache activity of the bowels increased

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partment for the follo iuing statement of eases and deaths

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Pulse 86 full and regular. Blood pressure systolic 210

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in the U. S. Eclectic Dispensatory as corydalin not having submitted

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which the radiographs are to be taken with the visual axis

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tortuous standing out well above the surface of the skin and forming

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Habit has a great effect as well as climate age and

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