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I think the subject is a little more difficult to under
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as a rule and the answers more readily comprehended when the examiner
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On dit que les Portugais et les Hollandois s aecordent en
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congratulates himself that the disease has disappeared but the improve
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Diarrhoea Simple. This variety does not call for much description
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goat and pig. Whether they occur in the saliva of the
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and injections of strong solutions of methylene blue were
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others is entirely replaced by caseous material. The submu
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ent one should always be on the watch for other symp
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Drozdowski Garrod and IMader each reported cases of per
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the bright child while the backward or defective are
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imagine to regard the cataract as a direct vibratory
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possess a kind of dark lantern which they can light at
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policemen on guard before the Louisville School of Medicine
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before the blankets should be re stimulation of the cardioinhibitory
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placed such important aids to diagnosis at our disposal.
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Symptoms. Attacks of abdominal pain coming on suddenly aggravated
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sulphuric acid its nitric acid is dislodged the sulphuric acid uniting
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in biochemistry but I venture with some confidence to
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ananuia has occurred in connection with this arasite usually with diar
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the laity and profession alike are being carried away
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meeting 1922 on Crawford W. Long The Discoverer of Ether Anaes
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petition the legislature to provide for a Superintendent of Common
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too often a mere statement itnsupported by evidence.
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tes hemorrhoids clay colored fseces dark scanty urine a small and hob
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rangement of the anterior groups at different levels is
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serious matter to go to the hospital committee and demand
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years she had diphtheria and as the mother expressed
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termed is in all respects identical with the cystin obtained
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Pellagra Its History and Symtomatology A. M. Townsend 88 2
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has found that in certain patients massage of the gall
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lost. Two cases did not do well on Blaud s pills. A
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syphilitic bronchitis does not now hold any independent place and of
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Schedule I Part of the regulations. A. separate record shall be kept
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Walther Ryn Geminus Tortebat Valverde di Hamusco Dulaurens Ca
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urtry I would like to relate the following The patient is a young
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find that to carry out this treatment without danger
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atonic discharges generally. It is purgative and irritant in
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that some member of the pneumococcus group had rapidly been distributed
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being cut. Except in the most urgent cases in which
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of the nature of the problem. This paper does not pretend to be
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effort. In half an hour he became quiet and fell asleep.
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mmiug the reaction quicker so that a firm basis for the
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draw conclusions from but it seems probable that patients with a high
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can be performed easily under chloroform is of course unattended with suf
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disadvantages. Yes that was the end of another year

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