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to add manna or linseed decoction to the milk. Protect

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is apt to show large numbers of organisms especially ones belonging to the

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place and all parties were inclined to be disheartened.

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its products. But even thej though in health aud vigour

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take. Mouse cancers are biologically not the same as hu

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the evidence at hand we must conclude that cerebral thrombosis is the cause

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magazine rifle bullet which he does not like some of

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nier 11 do co mois le troisieme jour do sa maladio qni fut

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demonstrated the powers of micro organisms and Lister

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In palpation one seeks to elicit the expansile pulsation and thrill

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mals. It is abundant in the acute cases in which it may be

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thoracic wall a tumour growing inwards from the periosteum covering

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lants to the metabolic changes and later when fibrous tissue is being

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there may be shrinkage of the valves leading to insufficiency.

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Laurel Hill where Morris held them while McClellan made a night

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spoke. Dr. Jellett in replj pointed out that he had dis

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gonococcus in cases of pyosalpinx with pelvic peri

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treated surgically. But it must also be borne in mind that polypi

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The patient recovered under mercurial inunction. It is noteworthy

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as there is great danger of seriously injuring the ear. Insects in

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phritis endocarditis and emphy.sema are often associated. As an exciting

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arteries and veins have been found dilated the retina infiltrated with

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delicias pedes male ponere atque imitari vacias coeperit hoc corrigi

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digest lobster with as little inconvenience as other people. It is his

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ciation for the Advancement of Sciences. On the 19th

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metrical harelip where the sides of the cleft are unequal in length

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pation of the breast and the incisions for ligation

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Infection of the connective and muscular tissues with cysticerci

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genital organs. When however the latter are in dupli

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plest preventive measure but it is neither harmless nor reliable

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As far as any opsonic action is concerned Levaditi in histoloj ical studio

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though true addiction in tlio same sense as morphinism

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Rkfebence. Stockman R. Tlie Clinical Synijilonis ami Treatment of

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iron and with earthy impurities. When heat is applied oxide of

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Towards the better understanding of technology comparatively

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The family history contains nothing of great significance though

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ject following the discoveries of the Professors of

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petent and honest and there must be some other determining

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the repaired ones in good condition and water tight.

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infect milk and meat of the trade which is carried on in sick

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polypi obstructing its cavity or neck stenosis of the cervical canal

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diminish secretion and cause a dryness of the mticous

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