appertaining thereto is entirely too rapid for the busy man to
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tion especially if the heart was at all weak. Chlo
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lieve that children are ofcen hurt by the conftitutioa
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ber confinement but comes for nine more days to wash and clean mothei
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of acute inflammation which rapidly spreads from its peritoneal covering
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lorus however is apt to prevent prolonged distention
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A. DuiuNG Lahour. When parturition conunences it is rare indeed
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for a few days during which time typhoid bacilh organism.
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around her. She distinctly heard her friends speak
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We understand that Mr. John Croft has been elected to the Chair
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the establishment and maintenance of Law Schools at Indianapolis but
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on the duration of this period showed that if pupae were dipped before
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ward the relation between the ureter and the bladder changes.
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in Russia of the Society of Russian Surgeons in the memory of
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heredity seem to be of such a nature that the whole matter
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flies and in the absence of further and more incriminating evidence
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opilatious ing thereof at tbe time tyat isneeoeroll ft
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relative frequency of invasion by the pulmonary the
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deceiving that he is uncertain and treacherous with a dull
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Alexandrian school in the second century before Christ culminated
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fresh pancreas of the pig most active when the animal has
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cxporionce. Its value is enhanced by a table for urinary diag
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residence at the Court of Munza it was generally understood that nearly every
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pulsation in the epigastric region sometimes a definite tumor. A thrill
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patients and a desire to please the doctors. Others say
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it be used only occasionally. The cause of this difference
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record exceeding by 1 the previous record of 77.4 in July 1901.
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means of iodoformized silk thread or catgut. It does not appear
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voted. In the present instance so far as at present appears there is
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to add to the success of medicine in the Philippines.
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factorily were these with a mixture of glucose and pseudo
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ssict of it couree. Stricture of the pylorus must be elasacd mincukg the
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proud to share this auspicious occasion with you. It is with great love
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and Edward Mulberry Hodder we had before us the highest
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Commissioners. It is believed that there has been a
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to the preservation of the functions of this part of
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Except for these rheumatic attacks the dog had enjoyed fairly good
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at Berlin during Easter week 1900. He succeeds Pro
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been performed. Irrigation of the bladder with the G D solution caused

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