experimental subject. Contact with his subject is neces

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tis. The well known symptoms of the disease together

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treatment by intravenous injections of tartar emetic does not appear

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out by the cancer cells or as a result of change in

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in eny wise So been there many and diuerse defaultes often tymes

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make the patient lose consciousness are sufficient to tide him

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present we have no means of recognizing in practice

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them for study at least they can best be considered as dis

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themselves in languages familiar to the investigators. It must

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fairly easy in the presence of the above symptom complex

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nier 11 do co mois le troisieme jour do sa maladio qni fut

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A Bacteriological and Microscopical Study of over Three Hun

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if after their expulsion the predisposition to ver

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age had made his discovery but had not induced his cotemporaries

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hose for connecting gas stoves be prohibited by law and

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injections of saline and saline infusions into the veins nutrient

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There is no disease characterized by a morbid condition of the blood in

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Last week an inquest was held with regard to the death

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and much longer in chronic cases. Such chronic cases however

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made of liver and blood bacon and ham cheese and goose grease.

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sible he done away with. The nearer tlie disease ap

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About seven weeks or so ago we were threatened with

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and extrinsic and we will consider each in its order.

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rupture but when associated with a disease of the muscular tis

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these are early phenomena of cerebral syphilis and hence

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circulatory system idiopathic fever amp c. The second embraces a greet

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The Treasurer s report having been received. Dr. Rose

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confusion between the ordinary efi ects of cod lit er oil and the

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about 12 cm. tense rather cystic and absolutely adherent to the

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under the examining finger. Pulsation ent profuse and often uncontrollable

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acute diseases of the respiratory organs London 124 diarrhea

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motto Est modus in rebus amp c. but which the committee


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the changes having taken place gradually. Many men of seventy years

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The method of investigation of hookworm infection pursued

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and cedema of the sub mucous tissue are in part responsible for the

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difference in moisture content. Marked urinary changes were not

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involved near the surface the growth is of a definite adeno

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pounds of hay daily while others would look quite lusty with that

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rooms proper education of physicians and nurses and above all

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simply the initial symptoms of fever headache and backache. In a some

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bon carbon dioxi4 is produced and heat is evolved during

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Of all things that are destructive of phlegm the best it

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jects of status lymphaticus are from their constitutional

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ity by our failure to advertise in the newspapers. We

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problem in houses and in theaters schools churches and all other

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Fig. 1. Edge of Liver Everted bv an Acutely Distended

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fever situation in South America. On the West Coast we found

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the order named Venereal diseases 136.70 diseases of the pharynx

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upper and lower attachments of the very powerful gastroc

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of hysteria every time any one has the temerity to mention the

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losis is being made and the surgical treatment insti

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fact of their going interested which we are having yearly

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became the subject of stasis then he was more susceptible

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assistant. Tliough his life now ran on happy lines the

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around in a state of unconsciousness there is absolutely no

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thirty seven years of age myomectomy should be done. A

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for the plague officials to enter a house unless all the adult

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obtained by the double decomposition of solutions of nitrate of silver

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stitutes a pedicle pedunculated or gelatinous polypus.

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connection exists between the several nuclei. It is my intention to

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In Bright s time the moi bid changes in the kidney what

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selected to illustrate the dissociated return of sensibility to pin

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higher level than that of the abdomen consequently the abdominal

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though willing to make fall allowance for his sensitiveness

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many years ago and unfortunately I He reacted well but several hours later

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groups of tumor cells in blood vessels in the lungs. The

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brought to light a truly astonishing amount of physical impairment

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chloride but repeated use of the drug has convinced us that

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a sufficient task for a life work. The amazement howe er is

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something wrong with either the sodium oleate solution the

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Chemical Ift itory. Benzoic acid is in soft white feathery crystals of

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So the boy disappeared in the faith of the man and the oats

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them as their respective discoverers and the followers

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any one. He immediately became paralyzed and was brought

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constitutional symptoms. Thus in cases of spontaneous gangrene phlegmo

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neys unfavorable surroundings and disturbances of the nervous eys

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