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rately and when the paroxysms are infrequent and moderate doses

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sary to resort to active blistering and subsetpient stimulation by means of

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In the ox thej are principally found in the depression at the back

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supplied by a branch from the hepatic artery the purely mechanical

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Longevity may also be claimed with the greatest propriety for the same

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have no right of entry into the homes of the people and

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cautions throughout even to my mind resorting to the protection of

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other hand was a better galloper because there was a greater harmony

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vision for properly dealing with pauper inebriates is a disgrace to the

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Recently treatment with chaulmoogra oil derivatives has been

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be summarized by saying that the method of treatment

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able in dropsy connected with diseased kidney and most useful in

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of fatal cases from perforation or from hemorrhage. The percentage of

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prevalence of typhoid fever and dysentery in the rice

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vorgenommen die Gefasse teils nach erfolgter querer Durch

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Eoyal Stokes Bacteriologist Dr. Marion B. Hopkins Chemist

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rubbed in over the enlarged gland over a warm fire and

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covers the range is brilliant permanent and free from errors

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care is given to these cases we can in the majority

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There was diminislied resonance over the cardiac region but

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prolong its existence. This is the reason why it is more tenacious in

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these days of enlightened sanitation no man in this

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throughout indicating cofemporaneous involvement of all parts of

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the German people only against the war lord and the mili

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of the inner table with possible depression of frag

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proximal portions of the digestive tube are estabhshed during the

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for a single treatment one should proceed as follows

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burgh recently the number of our coevals iu the profession

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plasma in rheumatism gout and allied morbid states we

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canon of naturalism and the critical method of relativity the first

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it is your privilege to encourage and make possible the application of such

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holding him down on the bed and by coming down with the hinder

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same remark applies to certain antipathies that have been known to exist

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one half an inch in length the distal portion partially teles

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ot an acute mflammatory process the fine granular infiltration

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one del ate each and the New York Academy of Medicine to five

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distention of the abdomen and disappearance of liver

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E Misturae Cretae fSyj. Tincturse Lupuli f j. TinctnrsB Cardamom Gompositae

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recommended by Prof. Cadcac consisting when the disease ex

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coccocide and its small cost since it is active in weak solutions

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vations raeteorologiques faites a I Observatoire de Paris on trouve que

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ered normal but in large numbers constitute the opac

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chromophile granules which ordinarily stain distinctly having

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in the appropriate places has inserted notes in considerable detail

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surgery of this country which clearly foreshadowed the introduction

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me to say that bad that medicine not been supported by

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trunks of a certain portion of the body or the results

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therewith the smell when the evil spirit had smelled

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brated series reported by Sanger Brown 1 twenty three members of one

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pressure between the middle turbinal and the septum and not of sinus

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pain preventing perfect coaptation of parts. The surgeon must

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The following extracts from Corps Area and Department Surgeon

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per cent received no medical treatment whatever while of the

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indicative agrees with that of the first person singular subjunctive

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hage which he regarded as very serious requiring laparotomy

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Cocaine intoxication is much worse than morphinism. It

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services that certain officers had been designated professional consultants and

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lobar pneumonia and from which he cultivated the pneumococcus and

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marked S3nnptoms. In vomiting animals anorexia nausea

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extremities and is almost peculiar to childhood while the progressive

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of chance would govern their movements. At last after their death

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only the basal s ant lia while others did not accept

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in the island of Fernando Po in whose necropolis he

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he walked fast. The attacks became more violent the pain extending

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it is usually limited to certain regions of the body.

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The cases in which tlie treatment is suitable and the results

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and thus in the capillaries and arterioles directly op

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Volume V. 480 pages with 3 2 charts and illustrations.

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further obscured rather than clarified the subject. However these

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follow a practical attention to these facts. Those who arc wise

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human blood this should be prepared 9 per cent or about

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shoulders head thrust forward alidomen protruding and a shiftless wad

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single band about half an inch long and one inch in

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An interesting problem is which of these two types of

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of tuberculosis by Koch in 1882 by the belief that tubercu

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In 1903 JomM Homer Wright found similar parasites Lciahmania tropica

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contains 16 fo of fat and the average centrifugated cream

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apparently suffering from no sensory or motor palsy.

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Statement of the 1919 1920 Program of the National Or

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of acute and chronic nephritis are given in a very praiseworthy manner

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Translated from the third edition 1897 by J. Hutchinson Jun.

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A pint of cream was at once poured into the stomach

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