tutions. The matter was brought to the attention of the

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there is no medical society that has paid more atten

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does it stand to the seizure itself f Opinions are much divided

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any communications in regard to the reading of papers should be

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less by any plaster splint. After fairly firm consoli

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greatest good to the greatest number of doctors who attend these meet

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afforded a fine field for all kinds of nostrums and

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not possible and that we must wait for further developments.

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History. This plant grows plentifully in moist woods and

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School of Health Professions. The School of Nursing and the

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not selected for permanent commissions will pass iuto the

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The duration is rarely more than twenty four hours. In the severer forms

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considerable time afterwards that the membranes begin to be discharged

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left lung and cavity were perfectly normal. The right lung was engorged

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the general appearance of the animals weakness loss of weight tendency

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here where the establishment and direction of similar institutions

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out good ventilation a high standard of general health cannot be main

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that there was something wrong with the lock. That such

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Properties and Uses. Oil of Lavender possesses stimulant and car

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cr may become calcified or else as the the acetabulum cases having been

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staphylococcic or streptococcic inflammatory complica

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programs and a referral center for physicians and other

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epigastrium followed by warm fomentations usually afford marked relief.

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moting the elevation of woman s status as contributors to science

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dometritis is enlarged and greatly softened in con

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been lost by evaporation. This preparation is the celebrated Bain de

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problem in a whole county. In 1927 the Appraisal Form for Rural Health

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that this medicinal disease is of short duration and 4th that all tl

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end of 1915 about two hundred patients had been treated. We

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strategy of a campaign against the series of well intrenched positions

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sores and ulcers. It is often applied to the part on gauze or

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former independent position. Dalhousie University appointed the

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