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borne any etiological relation to the hyper emesis.

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not always show the degree of energy and perseverance in the

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patient remains a carrier and therefore a danger to others

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Defence Force. April 15th 1921. Vepnty Assistant Director of Medical

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Phthisis. Dullness sub clavicular rales special sputa subsequently

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lost. Histologically a thickening of the epidermis

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the Irritation of neighboring parts. Hemorrhages may be

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St. Joseph s Hospital has always contributed generously to the clini

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During the latter weeks especially the last week and just before labor

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hoscitals to become prison medical officers and to take

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ment in many cases. Rest in the stable keeping the tem

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changes is not known but undue exposure to inclement weather

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out the secondary invaders and was of especial impor

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should entertain ni spending their lives in the alle

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ated e isipleeeae the cfesEgSo fhs Design Seetiesa has tias responsi

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are only effective in co existence with an unstable nervous organization

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nearly six per cent of the total certification. It would

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charged during the year had remained for that time one stayed under

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tor for distinguished ovariotomists have overlooked these articles and

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vided by the beneficent Father of us all we will suf

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l.i th lay and professional who regard a machine as amp n entity

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per 1000 exceeding the rate ot any week since the middle of February

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second treatment we were disappointed to see some new sinuses

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already contain a goodly array of about seven thousand medical

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gations of that sinus were followed by a rapid improvement in

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association but without avail. The reprehensible selec

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tis. The well known symptoms of the disease together

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