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ment than girls. A stronger objection is that surgeons do not

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it is obvious that the arterial pressure transmitted directly must be

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kidneys is impeded. This leads to degeneration of the renal epithe

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Laurel Hill where Morris held them while McClellan made a night

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large r uaritity of opium that may be administered in senile gan

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diagnostic value. Stethoscopic examination of the lungs

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of a thyroid gland with strict Listerian antiseptics

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repeated complauits from the Metropolitan Asylums Board

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the uterine cavity in order to determine the condi

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company for themselves and others. Or in my own words to

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the diagnosis was impossible and Mr. Gray confidently declares that an

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exalbuminous. Unarmed herbs or shrubs with alternate branches and

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tl amputation of a limb and the red colour and fulness of

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never seen a case caused by acquired syphilis and believes the

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has previously been Hcrubbed with noap water and alcohol

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jb4d already taken up bis abode at a friend s in Bedford

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Of clinical and practical importance are the results

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Up to the present time the number of cases of whooping cough

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standing for about an hour the corpuscles will have sedi

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Whilst the specific action of the drug presently to be

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London had less than half the amount of sunshine of in

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this disease being induced by pathogenic bacteria. Septicaemia means the

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munity work due to the complexity of the organism each organ

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which the wandering pains and markedly irregular fever

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an analN sis of observations made by Most Retterer Labbe Hoden

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which its occurrence has been noted are diabetes chronic alcoholism

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those due to the somewhat indefinite phenomen that we call

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and graduated from that institution in 1893. He was licensed by the Board

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Petals 4 white irregularly obovate. narrowed below about 14 mm. long

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near work. The corrections specified above for each age in emmetropia

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bone at a time gradually extending into the rest of the shaft

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capsules most comfortably. so be given alone in the proportion

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with the small Benedict apparatus. Curiously enough the abnormal

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rapid loss of ammonia. Mr. Lister finds that agitation of the blood

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