thoracic duct and they conclude that the lymphatics take no part in this
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of the kidney especially in the cortical portion looking very much like
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The hearing tests used as shown by blank A detected a
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their edges. On a blue background they are clearer cut
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four pence of the kousso three pence and of the turpentine and castor
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causing Its death will lead to abortion or premature expulsion or per
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to abate such nuisance. It is often very difficult to decide
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nary symptoms associated with an acute fever such as loss of appetite
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was slightly albuminous but otherwise the examination
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regai ding oJlocatiou was read aad it was resolved
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the operation fine flaxen carbolized ligatures were
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The leaves of this plant Fig. 171 as its name implies have been
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ginning treatment early. The child should be kept as
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of defects of character by more or less exact laboratory or
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must be taken to localise the action by smearing the sound
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jugular remain intact the increased tension nnder which their closure
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II per cent of the hogs vaccinated. This report was indeed
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assumes some things that in the light of our present
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recently investigated this matter and has found that the so called
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instead of creating a new urethral canal in hypospadias accord
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complications and general treatment with statistics concern
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The rule comm.only followed is to give a single full dose
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author s opinion that a vast number of very fine animals in these
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years are unanimous in reference to its equal frequency
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nerves but many of these cases here described show a
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kidney and at the last thought that they might all be successive stages
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times follows birth or abortion with astonishing rapidity and some women
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obstruction it occurred in 86 per cent of his cases. The
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flaily to relax the bowels. Then follow with one to two tablespoon
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mation of the nitrogen bodies as well as the carbo
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used intelligently. The stomach must never be coaxed
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Cassia. False Cinnamon. Much cheaper than cinnamon and may
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cm. from the mid sternal line just before the first saline bath
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which is the term used to designate the introduction of any drug
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Ituy rope and double safety aa aoon aa possible. Thia

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