sent to the War Department requesting shipment of the necessary transport.

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In discussing traumatic pericarditis and endocarditis refer

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larly inadvisable for those who suffered from arterio

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scattered pustules of various sizes commencing in the form of a vesicle

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case. All the cases were characteristically illustrative of

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channels. We know under special artificial conditions it may follow other

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cquiHbrium consists. Pnt your hand as you walk upon the

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lower than that for white enlisted men 33.65 colored enlisted men

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heart communicates with the primitive auricle by a sin

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able to attend her ordinary work a fortnight before

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such eggs may hatch while the patient is still infective

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in the most unlooked for places. Occasionally there was found an apical

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except in fatal cases of bronchitis and whooping cough in children where

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facial expression in this disease. In 8 eases there was

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taste and yield their properties to hot water in infusion. The active

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Affusion as thus practised by Dr. Currie proved very valuable in

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may represent all the sources of the disease as well

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or may have been ten or twenty years abreeding. He uses

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of morphine will relieve the distressing cough and allay

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chiefly are used inbreeding may be carried on to a very large extent

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It is quite possible that the bacteria reach the trachea through the

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instead of at the rooms of the Medical Society of Loudon.

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was useful also as a preliminary to hysterectomy particu

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physiology which forms the ground wot k of medicine at the present

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are then called green blue or black galls those which are gathered

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four years sometimes earlier if the opportunity for free discharge ex

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