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some other equally grave condition. The operation in

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All applications made to the President for virus received

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thinks will be altogether harmless if these conditions are ob

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no indictment would lie for attempts to procure abortion with con

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toms the administration of arsphenamine should stop

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charges from the nose cultures from which developed a

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own vessels. Vasomotor paralysis from alcohol chloral and infusion of

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Antipyretic drugs says Dr. Cohen are always useless

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that of the former locality whereas in the adjacent Cavendish Square divisioai

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from. That digestive derangement is especially easily brought

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kucorrhea irregular menstruation and in debility from frequent abor

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physician or obstetrician in the latter is something

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later. The menstrual period was perfectly normal and no sub

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of the symptoms the more favorable is the prognosis.

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appearing in the Cape Times of June 10th descriptive of

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is general health seemed to have been very little impaired

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vorgenommen die Gefasse teils nach erfolgter querer Durch

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The radiation coming from a Coolidge tube filtered in this way is practically

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The exciting organisms are usually streptococcus hemolyticus staphy

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disappears on standing and Lepine has shown that this

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phor one ounce mix and dissolve then rub a portion of the mixture

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and independent sources lead to certain uniform conclusions which will be

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intercourse a peculiar condition of the eyes a swelling of the

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tions of soil and phthisis 1867 wrote thus In this year s

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difficult of adjustment due to the inexperience of personnel in charge

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ber of calories arrived at by this process is more than sufficient to

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had been removed i brings forward the following evidencie. The

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and noisy army although as their orator on the recent occa

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determined. I take it these are of themselves sufficient reasons for

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ally noted Tau.sch has ob.served vomiting Millot vertigo and

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Account of the Presbyterian HiSDOn in Old Ealabar. Its Neceni

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Loss of Attention and Memory. In cases of this nature it

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purees always proper in a gonorrhoea 494.. Midwives too ram

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A little child of three had been treated for several

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up old and preventing the formation of new adhesions.

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in each case with the object of facilitating discharge and injection.

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of the claims which his respective relations have upon him

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The deputation in their reply dealt with the history of

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upon the explanation of this occurrence by the study not

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can give such instruction is a graduate or not. If be

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Three kinds of dipping arrangements are used in Victoria and South

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Carri rb on the whey and grape cures in Germany and Switzerland 272

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cheeks and eyes sunken. There could scarcely have been a

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There is another anatomical change in the muscles no less character

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of horses and cattle and those injurious to food clothing and

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will moderately remunerate them in proportion to their in

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teusion existed iu the capillary wall. What is the use of

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wide divergence of opinion as to its value and much ad

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striction. This constriction is not parallel to and

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This condition however is transitory and the blood may

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literature. As far as I have been able to ascertain the only

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opening of the cavity under proper procedures was the correct

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matism and chorea accompany and alternate with one an

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at a rather high nervous tension. l e commands are sharp and

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and mediastinal glands and the involvement was acute. The

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and filled with a great amount of tenacious mucus and

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plications of tar creolin cade etc. also that some animals are

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over 35 per cent the reaction was more often done here when the

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strength in the Philippine Islands Auierican troojis.

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be covered with proliferating epithelium with central portion

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feet by all possible means always dry and warm her sleep

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liminary communication the technique employed is described.

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of the younger children and infants and of the mothers

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still in the enjoyment of good health and a prominent figure in the

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of observations on the effect of muscular effort on

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rn.iv 11 be orantojlo me to enjoy hie 6i the practice

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followed by desiccation and exfoliation of the epidermis which becomes

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