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from the effects of an internal injury caused by an accident.

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pronounced as in encephalitis lethargica and infiltration of the perivascular

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or exaltation and no delusions or hallucinations were ever

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per mortem suam testimonia quae mox enumerat auctor sibi diabolo

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vania Physician to the Dispensary of St. Christopher s

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acute cases. Diagnosis from pneumonia and overloaded rumen.

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general servants nurses washerwomen apothecary s assistants all suffered

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size is not condensed to systematic shortness but the whole is

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on late in the course of the disease. The vomiting is preceded and

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badly injured. The chaplain was sent for as it was thought impos

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tient had been obliged to get up from six to twelve

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out of tune with the other reviews. I began to investigate and

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contents. 7th. Injuries to the digestive apparatus with a considera

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usually permonitory symptoms which tell them an attack

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fall back many times before they fnrmount it and bafkets made of

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roots and used them successfully in his own practice for a series of

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BusnKAJf J ohn Stevenson. History of a case of Animals found in

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honesty. Such persons are known in society as weak soft easy

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an air cushion and prevent the folds of linen pressing patient. Dry

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present used would certainly be more effective but in such

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stituencies for election of twelve members of Council in

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laborious occupations peculiar to men while the predominance of

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London 1913. The history medical geography symptoms mode of

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Figtre 113. Rabbit. Fkin of belly shows results of four applications of standard

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rendering the use of the products safe is the prompt

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potent is the sway of such influence may be measured by

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sule. Treatment Extirpate the capsule irrigate with antiseptic

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Charles I. Blake M.D Professor of Diseases of Rectum and Colon

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students of medical gymnastics with sufficient information

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llarveian Oration before the Royal College of Physicians. In 1S75

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bacilli in the urine. The former pain is gone and he

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ordinary diabetic treatment but did well on an abuudance

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originally but sacrificed pitilessly remorselessly sacrificed

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gunshot wound which was immediately responsible for death.

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published a Course of Hommopathic Studies which is much

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to destruction Just as success seems assured. When the in

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conical shape with the base toward the exterior and the apex

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Townson Robert Observationes Pliysiologicse de Respiratione et Ab

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common than would appear from the meagre attention usually given

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injected subcutaneously. Dose for horse per orum or hypodermi

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goodness. But between goodness and duty there seems to be

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alcoholic antecedents or for those who show the development of great

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intestinal tract given one hour before meals. The following is

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from the hospital by her friends and attorney and her

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five months the maximum with an average of ten and three fourths

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or even direct central excitation 2d. Thereby are caused a a

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Examination of the abdomen on admission showed that there

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not hasten the cure. The rabbit virus has lieen inoculated with positive

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press what Dr. Tarbell was to the school. His intimate

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rine urine is boiled with liquor potasssE the sugar

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July 30. Says headache has been better this week. Has

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reach the midgut of the bug in sufficient numbers and there become

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lieu of such redistribution new institutions should

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more appreciable and friable and bleeds more easily

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sensation which the patient says is nothing like pain. She asserts

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in one segment is indicated in the adjacent one by diffuse.and faint

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latter type to Best s calcium ammonium carmin stain suggests

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broad principle the alcohols ketones and aldch3 des were

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xemoved it also. The experience in this case emphasizes in a marked

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it strenuously is precisely what life demands of us at every step.

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