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formed themselves into a committee for the purpose
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Spinal anaesthesia has also distinct advantages over
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as a refrigerent in fevers the bark is bitter and astringent and
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Mid to yourself as Editor of the South AfHcan Medical
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absorption will have continued to two more teeth leaving intact only the
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The late Dr. Ross of Manchester 73 p. 604 regarded these peripheral
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weed Adder s Violet Rattlesnake leaf etc. has a perennial root from
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of vegetables or fat boiled rice is sometimes uaed in the South
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tions Ehould authenticate them with their uames of courss nol
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linings and trimmings as well as materials. The car
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bination of favorable circumstances may never occur again and
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next step will be based on the new application of the
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quinine in this disease and in the same cases where
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difficulty in swallowing accompanied by rapid emaciation usually indicates
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operation were most satisfactory especially in those
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greatest care is exercised in the Selection of the children
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delivery or of delivery by the forceps is afforded and that
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ized and the sediment obtained is used for microscopic study.
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for it and he began giving it in the latter part of the
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free blood was found jJos mortem in the peritoneal cavity
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constitutional taint idiocy unhealthy diathesis and all manner of
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which paralyze these filaments the peculiar effect of tobacco is not
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reaction might be a kind of defensive mechanism at long
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membrane of the prepuce. Soon there develops an ulcer
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indigestion. Prunes sw eetened with molasses ai e sometimes very efficient
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arm in a person suffering with diabetes. He got well
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made without an ana sthetic. McBurney has called attention to the value
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month later there was a lighter attack of similar character but no
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Apyrexia and pyrexia mav now alternate. The anaemia increases.
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tracheotomy. At the latter end of 1891 Koch s remedy was tried
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due to debility and inflammation must be stopped by stimulants. It was
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stand 24 hours hefore being placed in the washer. When linen is
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What I have said is not so much against fine churches as
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the chest back neck and legs sometimes all over the body
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