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externally with the loins. These organs are covered with

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K vllock p. C Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for

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fit. Whereas if the matter is conceived to circulate for fix or tveix

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The embryological operations just described exhibit the

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The DIAGNOSIS is sometimes easy and certain sometimes it can be

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the bactericidal substances in the serum or blood of normal and immunized

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dominal cavity is proven and with fair surroundings it

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rock are described as being at points apparently inaccessible to man.

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oretical grounds it is easy to understand what effect this

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practice and example in his own son Abel and saw that

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under the direct control of two experts trained in the

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cut by a combined internal and external esophagotomy.

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talsis was seen only following sharp tapping of the belly wall with

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and gradually pouring upon it the above proportions of Alcohol and Dis

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cent of the cases not operated on die while of those

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to bysterical letbargy and catalepsy. In an bj sterical subject

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function may be luetic strepto staphylo or gono coccic.

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tention. Examine the stall where it is known they have stood for

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to obtain a sufficient concentration in the tissues to destroy

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tions in the morbid changes which are found m the lungs of phthisical

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of tabes dorsalis and I referred to another case published by me in

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is far less regular the cells being scattered. Argutinsky

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re elected in toto atthc stated meeting of Oct. 26

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Crippled and deformed infants were exposed or thrown into the

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upper arm muscles especially biceps and in L. biceps Action

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with thefe mufcular motions which are excited by irritation as by

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In the new university he decreed that the work in ajiplied sciences

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Old horses should have a liniment applied once every second day to

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Ox and that it must be included among the larvae of the OEstridae

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every attack. In many cases indeed it is the only symptom complained

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and nnicous membrane were normal in all respects. The

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the Association if only it could enlist the man in the

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it. It answered admirably. The periosteum around the edge

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cells which have given rise for a long time to the most

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view of the matter which though it would not effect

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produces heart block the universally recognized cause of entric

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whatever form it may be whether fphere cube or cylinder to be

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bilobate stigma. The fruit is an ovate two valved two celled capsule

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as late as eight or ten days after the operation. They

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Isometrisch wies Engelmanx in den siebziger Jabren nach

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Bishop works his fingers rapidly for a few minutes then

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inflammatory process but only an anaemia of the kidneys with

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removal in 1913 to Denmark Hill. The editor must be

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renal arteries and descends by a flexuous course into the

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In two or three days the involved areas are covered with

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Strasburgers Aortendehuungen erzielten wie schon gesagt

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Remarks. The author having been raised on the hard pan hUlsinthe town

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with both urethra. This condition since the primary

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is epistazis The skin may be covered with herpes or sudamina. The

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four cases to illustrate the supposed rule. In seeking

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Many communities have remained to this day unobservant and

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erties of cocain recommend its use. Only one other case is

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there was abundant quantities of pus the abdominal in

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Dr. Mott writes in an interesting manner of his experience

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Sometimes complaint was made also of tenderness and soreness

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Preventive Medicine. Dr. Brower formerly Professor of

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stress on this observation. Tuniclifife and Rosenheim 1898 observed that

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Christmas in Germany Facile Unitarian vol. 22 December 1913.

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and domestic happiness. William Sheets presented a resolution su

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organs in getting rid of the useless surplus which the digestive

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pneumonia as Friedlander originally claimed it does occa

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unanimously passed a resolution recognizing Dr. Xjong as

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that radium ranks not with caustics cautery antisep

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men call the regula regulans conscience is their regula regulata.

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patient to obtain the requisite amount of oxygen in

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