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might have less trouble in getting proper laws on our statute

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inhalation it requires more air is less irritating to the respiratory

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dicitis and an abscess was formed in the right iliac fossa which

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skin does not perspire freely nor is there much or any pain.

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Jackson s fundamental contribution to the problem is presumably unknown

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condition of the hills surrounding San Diego is only obtainable

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number of derivatives over 600 of which only a very

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erinary practice. Dittmer usually prescril gt es a 3 per cent solution

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quently when we are able to raise the temperature within

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hemorrhagic septicemia white scours influenza contagious abortion

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and thrombosis in its dilTerent branches. In 100 horses Bollinger

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feebleness of the limbs not rarely more marked upon one side than

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their appearance in the urine at the same time that the tumor diminishes

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us who consider that we have good vision to shame by picking

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the most part milk beef tea wine with a little brandy.

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durante la asamblea anual del 1917. Durante el ano 1918 no

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phined and curetted for osteomyelitis and has had grafts

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i tion after the third day to notice the characteristic

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current makes a rough surface very conducive to the rapid

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limited to the office and is made largely of the diseases of

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porcelain mortar and gradually adding the ointment or lard rubbing

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of the oligipmia was a general and simultaneous loss of their

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a distinction with little difference. The sensory structures of

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Mention is also made of humerus varus occurring in connexion with

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low even with the worst cases. This cow had been suffering

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pending the transfer of the patient to the emergency hospital.

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It cannot be repeated too often that as his ears are

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more uncertain condition known as shell shock and it occurs in

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retardation the Binet Simon tests were applied. As a result

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increase in the death rate was due to injuries the death figure from

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sections the injury was limited to the grey substance in others it

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thorough cooking of all fish will doubtless diminish the number of

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tions of these various actions both simple and compound but especially the

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apart the day after they were united. On the twenty third

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vades external portions of the body which are well supplied with

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and the limbs are drawn together when cold water is dashed

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tion. More difficult are the cases setting in with chill and followed rapidly

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cause a diffused stain the fabric if linen or cotton would be

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between the blood and the tissue cells it is not reasonable to

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the effects of vaccine by the local results or by the immunity

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The moi bidappearances here described were chiefly studied

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had been making its own vaccine but they had failed to

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hausted. In other cases of which the great Irish epidemics have

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point. The fact that the platinum remains in the solution

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persecution. He was reviled assaulted in the streets his

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sible A very large number of these cases are due to

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M. Brouardel s conclusions were that the earth does not destroy the germs

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All of these complications are as a rule less noticeable during the second

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Prof. Moos the distinguished otologist died recently

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The consolidation is looked upon as being n assured

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Epizootiology Wild mice presumably serve as reservoir hosts Transmission

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considered the head and limbs of the footus as appendages which from

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action which would have been otherwise propagated to other parts of the skin

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carbon monoxide forms with haemoglobin a much more stable

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sloughing of portion returned resulting in ileus septic perito

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