opinion whether a test was absolute or not. It was however

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always associated with obstruction of the corresponding artery that

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in the presence of a slowly progressive cerebellar lesion but even with large

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burgh recently the number of our coevals iu the profession

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contracted kidney was present in 21 and this quite accords with my

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injury and continued to until the date of his discharge. An examina

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Radiography Practical. A Handbook for Physicians Surgeons and

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upon the environment this latter with its great biological im

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author did not coin special names for these disorders

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tient was opeiated on after the symptoms of tubal rupture

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and in most of the recent standard works on pathological anatomy and

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sion of urine is a most dangerous occurrence. If pharyngeal paralysis

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in a few weeks cough and expectoration was much less and

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an extent that the authorities do not consider the expense

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good colour of the cheeks and mucous membranes and she continued

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with headaches there are two things that should certainly be done and

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symptoms are developed. Great local pain emaciation and occasional

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bubo dispersed by mercurial frictions before any constitutional effects occur

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the pains are spasmodic with cold skin as above give hypodermic

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dict an early fatal termination in almost every case of general paresis and

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subject any materials expectorated to careful investigation with the

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untarily offered to be drawn upon for any amount I can

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lower end of the sternum the latter only at the arterial orifice most

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Pteudo leukaemia is a disease resembling lencocythsemia in all its ana

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case. All the cases were characteristically illustrative of

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the uterus the easy introduction of the finger into the cervix

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dal tract alone. Some interpret this atrophy as the manifestation of a trophic

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came implicated with exaggeration of the reflexes and progressive amyo

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Faulty technique is the common cause of failure. The

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cold or hot with perfect r ularity and yet herein lies the success

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hands without sufficient record of the observations demanded.

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case of membranous angina in the adult without any reason to

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doubtful species all belong to the sub order of Hemipterous parasites

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between the lower part of which and the rectum there

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Pulmonary markings somewhat intensified in both lower lobes

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other parts of the throat the hinder two thirds is the

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writers however make no attempt to hide the matter under a

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Medical Association such representatives to be membera

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of six with powers oC co option was appointed to advise

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time or soon after the veterinarian arrives. As I positively

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definitely or indefinitely diagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis.

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footnote Blue Book. September 1914 pp. 238 footnote 1 and 246

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of the urethra or of adventitious bands or of plastic material de

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absorption of fluid 1 the backward filtration theory of Landerer

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found that it was present in the large majority of cases

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ethylate and then having caused the patient to bring the

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make the mistake of refering the convulsions to an innocent

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murs. In all this discussion the area of transmission of

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Philadelphia Polyclinic Surgeon to the Douglass Memo

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naval medical officer is aboard ship where there are no women

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glands such as tuberculosis or syphilis with the leukemias and the

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lowing the last dose of arsenic the urine contained

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followed soon after the beginning of the Renaissance the invention

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