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which the rubber tube from the reservoir of the irrigator

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of congenital luxations richer than Dupuytren. Malgaigne again

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sion the acsthetician offers to the psychologist as data for the labor

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and around these formed fresh rings of redness with new vesicles upon

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is frequently associated with laryngismus stridulus and is occasionally

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bodies. Homoeopathists and eclectics familiarizing themselves

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the way of secretions and as if under the secernent power of

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that of reducing the dispensary and hospital to the func

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of description and also corresponds to real and important anatomical

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in its physiological effects tropacocaine is said by

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the part of the student. Incomplete fractures in children

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Among the cases treated antiseptically there was not one case of inflam

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still hope that tuberculin used as a remedy may arrest the

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M.D. Professor of Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine in the

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pay another though honest industrious and grateful are unfortu

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eration and after transfixion the tissues anteriorly

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These swollen axis cylinders are usually found lying in the tissue

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of the pia mater were injected with scattered haemorrhages.

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cases so often to death. The small punctured wounds which may

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children s doctor decline to perform an urgent tracheotomy

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partment for the follo iuing statement of eases and deaths

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went to the gold fields of California where he sojourned for seven or

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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. Rue is a Stimulating antispasmodic

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new remedies without making them in any sense official and that an annual

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from which I have drawn heavily gives excellent pic

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