of a patient under the use of intermittent compres

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flies is indirect coming from the excreta of the sick they settle

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are more indebted to a psychogenetic factor to wit the mechan

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lymphcctasis up to enormous lymph varlces insignificant local

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tion of the lungs is prevented and the subject at the end of

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nosis nor a rational therapy was possible without an

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injected subcutaneously. Dose for horse per orum or hypodermi

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through the skin and sterno aponeuroticus muscle exposing the anti

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of skill to do good work in the workshops of Nature

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and an idea of the existence in the peritoneum of elastic fibres into

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frontal bone into the orbital process of the palate bone into the

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partly that of rendering more active the processes of decom

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duodenal ulcers in 12 806 post mortem examinations.

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contractions of the uterus as well as the greater susceptibility of this

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The man had had sexual intercourse for the last time on

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War Cripple in Alberta by Douglas C. McMm trie Repatria

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Folgendes ist nach Lindstedt zu Gunstcn der Ansicht ange

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with a falsetto voice. These cases are not uncommon yet very

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day pathologist would gather that the kidneys were probably

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cerebri on the one hand and the convolutions of Rolando on the other.

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unless the cord is damaged. Micturition and defecation however

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id become eheesy or be converted into a purulent looking fluid consist

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of the approved societies to tho leadership of which

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Certain of the problems of somatology may also be said to have

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fact I suppose that I was requested to present his portrait

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bj providing half glass roofs facing north there is still

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give him practical experience without which all other acquirements arc of no

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electrolyte and high available chlorine content in the resulting solution.

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the matrons and ward sisters in these hospitals are highly

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found in Group A of transient auricular fibrillation in

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iron and stiychnia act both as tonics and appetizers.

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individuals are found who are apparently so influenced by the poison that

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it was my principle to avoid the administration of drugs so far as

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Of the specific inflammatory enteropathies we should consider

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would encourage harmful irradiations of the sexual appetite.

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of what modern surgery is and carefully incorporate matter

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cialized hospitals such as those devoted to the eye

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which are peculiar to the dilated condition. These he

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appears to produce recoveries in at least eighty five per cent of cases

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anatomical reposition was twenty three years of age.

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j growing children the growth of prostitution and commercialized

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The cerebrum this great ocean of human intellect sentimentality and

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oxalate in various portions of the body especially in the kidneys

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few gallons of common water. By afterwards adding powder

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and teeth whose form resembles that of normal teeth.

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condition of all the senses and of copying down as it were

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of heat also severe headache and coated tongue. This condition

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the advantage that it presents a perfectly smooth surface and corner there

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country with their former high mortalit and sickness

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TABLE 67. Summ. rized Distribution of Families Accordixg to

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Dr. Cyrus Thompson moved that the records be so amended. Motion

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Mary L. Johnson class of 1896 graduation in the states of Ala

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cases of zymotic disease of which no fewer than 12S were scarlet

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iiiechanic.illy diiiKult dysarthrial a very dillerent tlnni lioni.lie aphasia or

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emulsion of iodoformized oil. The wound at no time showed

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ment of the fifth month of her first pregnancy when its outbreak may

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removal of particles of steel or iron from the eye by

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were readily restored and retained in the normal position without difficulty.

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epiglottis the hypertropbied uvula produces a troublesome tickling

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rupted silk ligature. The peritoneal cavity was sponged

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eight weeks 1742 the distemper was favorable and sel

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them by reason either of inherent inability or of acquired

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