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and not conscious of any functional irregularity was

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long as he continues to eat and thus contracts the habit of drawing

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an increased knowledge of chemical methods and of the relation

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onward however recovery jirogresses quite rapidly anil in a few

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following will stop inflammation coming on written on a

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gestation. At the conclusion of the discussion on cases

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independently of the particular disease from which the group appears to origi

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equip ourselves for the scientific life work of a veterinarian.

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Bequests and Donations. The Great Northern Hospital the

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essentially impaired justice humanity liberty and the public welfare

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small granulating area. Union of the graft appeared lirm.

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interests to know what he wants while concealing his

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as in health but is tortuous because the overgrowth in the

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The last item on the agenda was a lively discussion on the

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surface by fibrils continuous with the subsurface coagulated ex

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some food plethora brought on by over feeding and want of

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hours by complicated chemical processes and weigh them. The amount

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the attack came on during or even before the birth. The

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in common use which was formerly employed in contradistinction to

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patient with mitral regurgitation. WyethMa io drains the medullary

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tire of the transverse thirty seven per cent. of the descending

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ted and the base hospitals temporarily functioned as field and evacuation

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tics give us a proper basis from which broad and gen

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diathesis. Only one instance was present in our 685 cases. Haemorrhages

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he strove to convey the impressions condensed above. Feeling that

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which promote them in health. A gland may have deficient or

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had vomited many times during the journey. Although

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views. We are alwaj s liable to become limited in our

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heart is prevented or relieved. This may be true though the cardiac

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antiseptic treatment of typhoid now so generally acknowledged

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colored only by the bile they would appear yellow like other things

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ern sheep and is characterized by the appearance of swellings

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regurgitation of the food. About four years ago he began to

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has been emptied by an emetic. In aoigina pectoris immediately after a

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the treatment and though on broad lines the patients all receive the same

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point as no question is asked relative to that disease.

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chapter concludes with cxamp es of the routine course for

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trot because they find by experience that it does not injure their

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prove the correctness of his previous work. He found

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other curiosities. In 1623 Rolfink at Jena arranged

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