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patients tumor cerebri dementia may then ingest extraordinary amounts

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fact that of the 10 hypernephromata here collected 7 were on the

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by the Countess of Dufferin to promote the physical

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ties for the most of its good effects. It is particularly useful in

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establish putrefactive changes which cannot fail to exert a

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would prevent further growth of Bacillus 0. A correspond

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nurses after being told of the nature of the operation and the

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anatomy of the eye. Department stores also have fallen

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any afectton of the puhnonary tiaiue you do not often have an opportnnity

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respiration the temperature falls steadily. The muscular

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could cousins marry without ill effect upon their children Perhaps you

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taken or given as a poison. The majority of cases are suicidal.

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diseases shows that they wax and wane. In the fourteentn

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any definite period of permanence demanded consideration as

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ties of improved methods of castration. Vasectomy was for a

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date of the report. His patients included fifty six men and forty seven

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an unfavourable prognosis that the physician will probably

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of the results being influenced by the age of the fhes was considered.

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sonant yet the Greek equivalents of septem and densus avoid the

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densely pubescent 3 celled styles 3 about 3 mm. long slightly united

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plain these phenomena they referred to the apprehension

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for a week or two when widespread lesions have already formed.

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acute or chronic influence of drugs. A dermatologist who knows no

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same day. After a careful examination Dr. Nuttall concurred with me in

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from the context that we did not have reference to chronic

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So cordial and persistent is the co operation of the press

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The hearing test was normal and equilibration tests showed

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or of any other important organ complicated with hysterical sobbing

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abdomen and pelvis constitute an exception. At that the method of forma

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in weight owing to senile atrophy begins in the male in

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in which spastic paraplegia is the first symptom of disseminated

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serves in the animal economy a purpose absolutely necessary to the

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the treatment of disease is for the most part calculated to do mischief.

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cally sealed Jena g lass ampoules each ampoule con

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Egg ALBUMIN its action injected subcutaneously 173.

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intestinal inj ury. A perfectly placid countenance is seldom

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The last 100 consecutive cases that came to the Phipps we investigated

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and made three contributions to the literature of obstetrics

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representatives of the universities and such medical

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LHinbtujOy pli urndynia and wry neck are the most common forms.

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to the sensory nucleus thence passes outward joining the third division of

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median conjoined internal ear capsules. The ciliary ganglion of the left side

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the soiling from evacuation. Euthanasia seems complete and

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his will. In this will he requests that the Legislature should

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of officers will give some regard to this question from the standpoint

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He maintains that although in some cases the ill effects of consanguineous

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i. Disposal of garbage superseded. Garbage should be collected

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Martinez of the Institute of Tropical INIedicine and Hygiene in

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when with an intact thalamus its connection with the sen

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extensive caries of the nasal b lt ines tertiary syphilis

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physique and a giant s strength whilst apparently in

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versy. He began his career by giving Rokitansky s theory of

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heart and arteries. It is however like all other medicmal herbs

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Birmingham University Medical Society which now in

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the patient aged 12 years died apparently from pneumonia.

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of methodical interrogation sought to ehcit the age sex vocation and mode

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the breast and a maternal uncle within a few months

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York assumed the duties of superintendent of nurses October i 1912.

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cases combined with old cheesy or purulent centres

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dissected out and in it skin grafts should be placed.

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meeting at each other s houses for the discussion of

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of fixing the instrument in position over the wound by

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namely the attainment of greater unity. He urged how

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Blick auf diese Zahlen ein wenig unerwartet und auffallend dass

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His reputation as one of the greatest living American public health

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presence of pellagra Slomoxys calcitmns Musca domestica and midges

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Medical Officer exactly as he thinks fit. By comparatively

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novelists falsely calling themselves realists. As the

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cases repeating the operation at intervals of half an hour until the

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action of blood to infections. It is often entirely

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head of one specimen and on one side of the other runs upward

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pedicels as large as the general peduncle petals truncate at the apex

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may be full and yet may be fuller. In health each blood

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from the gums and nose occurred but was not severe in

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since Ihey can rarely be used in such strength an to kill all

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every attack. In many cases indeed it is the only symptom complained

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differences between any two poets or prose writers is less than

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The prevention of these reinfections is an immediate question of

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