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cocaine the toxic alkaloids ecgonine isatropic cocaine which are

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leukocytosis and the local and general pathologic phe

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Assistant in the Medical Clinic at Erlangan. With an introdaction by

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much affected by the hygienic BurroundiDgs of the patient and by the

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Fibrinogen senun albumin serum globulin fibrin ferment and

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higher operations of the brain. The criminal who is a

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heading 1862 for example relate to the last six months

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to be healed. From this time on her recovery was uninterrupted and

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the extablioD thrown off Ibero la a disagreeable penetrating fotoi

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frequent liquid stools now pale from the absence of bile now dark

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dilated and all the accessory muscles of respiration were in

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luted tubes are distended. The stellate vessels of the surface can be

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one may find a minute red spot or two in this situa

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But the effect is only palliative hence I am forced to

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pitched and less agreeable speech than the best English

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dc dta TOV X ax vdaXofios leg. 0 ivdciXafiOff fXXoi aKivdakfidg POTT.

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lines and literature were furnished to each pastor co operating. Fri

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at the day of Lecture before the hole house that they

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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. It occuTs in white translucent small

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in the short SJKICC of seven weeks. The individual must if possible

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of horror to her lover. He further called smallpox the most terrible of

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nately moist and dry. The horns and other extremities Avill be altcrnatelv

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True it is and we will not deny it that although these

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Dr. Macdon ald said ho did not think the meeting could

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without eggs beef jelly soups gruels cornstarch pap pea soup burnt

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at the rate of fifteen times per minute until natural respi

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interesting to note in looking over the records how many more

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Widely distributed in the Philippines Tenasserim to southern China.

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that one of the photographs is taken through the thick half of the

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gray matter. The lesion is at first diffuse but as soon

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because of a cancer for instance or to stop diarrhea. An

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festly are toothcuts. Such toothcuts may become infected caus

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septicemia which began shortly after the inoculation and per

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better for epileptics to have some definite pursuit. There are many in

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to the details of the voyage. General health has greatly improved is

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with the same violence and screaming until three o clock p.m. when they

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Mail Orders will receive prompt and careful attention. Leather Rolls for Dental Instruments.

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them for the maintenance of the said two persons for

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fessor Ira Brown Cross Instructors Donald F. Grass Stephen I. IMiller

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satisfactory. Eosenau charitably attributes the poor quality

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constrictors are used there may still be enough bleeding from some vessels

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to fourteen days the actual loss is often not severe but the

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and judiciously selected diversions is of no second

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home followed by rest combined with a work cure. Chronic delu

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statements of therapeutic and curative effects of pro

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uncommon in such cases and patients may in desperation actually take

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syphilis as such but treatment for syphilis of the nervous system.

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that this was an error to those versed in these matters but as

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Case VI. This was a case of amebic dysentery of IJ years

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the effect of weak stimuli in unnarcotised animals.

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was not evidently that of acute disease there was seldom other

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As the animal rooms available to the biochemist in a hospital are scarcely

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nor the means to further attend college could be spared.

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vcTTfpov irp6T pov adduci videntur sive id factum a Clemente qui sen

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The hearing tests used as shown by blank A detected a

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foramen ovale for mandibular division of trigeminus long pro

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and wandered about abstractedly. He was placed in a home and

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ofifensive discharge from the growth and the iuguiual glands were inflamed.

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having been left out and some fifty pages of new material added

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other renal lesion there was no evidence of increase of non protein

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sity requires the proper alignment of its four sides trustees and faculty

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It has been used to a limited extent by the profession for many

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starches obtained from arrowroot barley bean corn oat rice rye sago

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ment e. Small brass tube traversing the stopper for

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Give the common causes and the treatment for acute nephritis.

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by digesting the bacteria in a 2.5 per cent solution of antiformin

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in robust health. It would in fact be murder in its

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Pathogeny. We come now to consider the relation of these changes to

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attached to which T. titillans passes its entire larva and pupal life

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in Athyrium. In work on the Philippine ferns it has become perfectly

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geology zoology or comparative anatomy. In fact to this day there

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others lived for a period varying between 30 and 164 days. The

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sodium chloride and rises to the surface. The floating mix

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