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about.5. This relation of the haemoglobin to the red cells

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leaf through a telescope with a scale in the eyepiece. By the

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unsuitable. Due to their rapid deterioration it is impossible to main

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complete the functional activity of the fragment being inter

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tion has undergone well marked diminution the same cells

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cians in Philadelphia are intent on fostering the most

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administration of two to four grains of calomel followed in an hour by

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Iodide of Sodium. This drug given in a comparatively

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crease. The vessels were then carefully opened but owing to the

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Scarpa s triangle was perforated with numerous open

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sometimes observed in the beginning of an attack or during the partial

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without overburdening the stomach. Hence those sub

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develop in the stomach and excite inllammation. One of the most remark

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the conclusion 1 That cell inclusions of a constant type are

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retroperitoneal glands are often tuberculous or in a state of cheesy meta

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great because of the invasion of the brain either from an ex

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tines or other organs to adjacent parts and limiting their motions

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not sleep in the daytime you will find out in less than a

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In the course of an operation for carcinoma involving the

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parents. He waked the mother continually during the

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tion just before the chill and completed during the

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pect discharging sanious offensive matter and the lymphatic

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In the latter case genetic psychology may indeed be called a race

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The staphylococci may have gained entrance through the

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hypodermic syringes for instance at ten paces. Medical

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tered bicarbonate by mouth that there were a certain number

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ities on being subjected to certain modes of treat

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circumstances on the maize to the consumption of which pellagra

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too independently of these. Children who exhibit these symp

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In endeavoring to pass a stricture he makes the first

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Cross. A summary narrative will enable the reatler to

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Current Medical Literature 156 261 358 417 489 559 627 695 761 837

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Safeguarding Patients Against the Cathartic Habit It is a

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ancy in the proportions nf the geniculate bodies Onnf

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Constitutional Sig7is. Temperature 98.3 pulse 72 respira

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tubes 1 to 2 c.c. of toluene is added to prevent putrefaction and

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membrane propagating itself by the vagus or sympathetic nerves and

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namely in his teaching have been examined closer and closer.

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my office well. Have seen him several times since and he

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Goltman gave an excellent report of a ease together with

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found in human abdominal and thoracic cavities though it has not been

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from recurrence after five years. We cannot extract

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jump up suddenly to avoid a ball coining towards him. In do

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sesame will be found a most effective routine meas

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been regarded as a simple wound had been unsuccessfully treated for

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ances while auto intoxication is added as a result of

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time. It is the preparation which may be selected for a pre

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commencement of next the intermission. In quotidians the paroxysm

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can take place. And still there is no contradiction between the

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of their almost infallible curative influence to utter scepticism

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guarded against exjMJSure as they are particidarly sensitive to changes.

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ly. He expressed the belief that the whole subject links

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in the head and loins sometimes sickness and vomiting ulse small

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other words create dietary conditions within the alimentary canal

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Twenty third Annual Report of the Board of Health of the State of

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sonnel was necessary and completion of technical work especially was delayed

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RiNOBR on the influence of change of poshne on the chandevs of

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