he thinks it has been clearly demonstrated in some lower mammals

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ably because of the frequent injuries of the sternal cartilage due

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quite clear idea of tlie way in which some experimental

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Whilst it is true that the physicians of the United

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to stimulate contractions of the ventricles when the rate is fast and

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dessen Temperatureinfltisse ausgescblossen gewesen. Als plausible

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alone and from which may be gathci ed the average normal

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ing information in case of infantile paralysis. As safeguards against

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ho would like to take the opportunity of joining with his

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cause of the severe anjemias occurring in the southern

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which for example may help to heal tuberculosis may indeed

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Pathology. The anterior surface of the posterior parts of the larynx

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found of service. For the hyperpyrexia phenacetine has been

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necessary since effusions of this size rarely disappear spontaneously

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between the layers of llic exudation and bursts through into the oavit y

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In most of the large cities of the State bacteriological laboratories

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ing the discharge at once became less and in a short

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the disease is supported mainly by the facts first that in

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With the head as low as is convenient from the beginning should

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finely powdered is spread over the affected surfaces by

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paring such a bed the following equipment is required in addition

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the costal arch is the site of fracture or of disloca

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tition plionation and vision were greatly interfered with and

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of reaction in certain organs. Thus after subcutaneous injections there was

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samples became more brownish and more odorous. The pure substance caused

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the cooling of the body even when covered only by a single layer

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of hasty and unwise action have not been justified and

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tions of soil and phthisis 1867 wrote thus In this year s

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almost continental scale this is done better in the United States

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not hesitate to found and urge the adoption of a practice on

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The nature and distribution of the 880 neoplasms of the

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successfully in a large number of cases. I prescribe

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That this destruction of the biscuit is a matter of con

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tine and Asia Minor. With Facsimiles from Photographs. 3Sv

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uninsured mothers who have now in consequence of the

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formation in the nose agglutination bastion of 1 gt drams Frauenthal re

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adbeeions are formed which bind the diaphragm and adjacent oi boi

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man may suffer from the disorder without much constitutional dis

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venous as well as arterial can Dr. Lidell asserts be

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typhoid and colon grew on its original surface of growth

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trichosis and subnormal temperature might have been as

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sulphuric ether filtering and expelling the ether by a gentle heat. It

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agony so intense that had it not been limited by Divine

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viously cleared by a purge and enema was washed out with an

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growth of the uterus and there is neither embarrassment in

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each other. We now recognize the Malic Citric Tartaric and Oxalic acids

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is best divided into inert and living dust bacteria and

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and the limbs are drawn together when cold water is dashed

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meal and bran about half and half. Change the poultice three

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cases of fever in recently arrived Irish emigrants the majority of

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and yet the pressure is low because the arteries are

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becomes swollen and occasionally the body is deeply jaundiced. The

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medicine to be given dissolved in a minimal quantity of sulphuric acid

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pocket when he asked me what kind of a gymnasium I wanted

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because there is good reason to believe that within a very

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that brutes are capable of that of feeding and juiet rest. The owner

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