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Indiana and Col. John T. Wilder of the Seventeenth Indiana who
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polypharmacy the memory of which survives in our language in
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the elephants but those two which Vartomannus beheld at
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the development of nerves they must be afferent nerves
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respectively will l e awarded in order of merit on the recommendation
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with the naphtha being surrounded with ice a steady and uniform strong
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return or remain. In answering these questions there is no neces
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like to see discussed in a dignified manner the real diffi
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fluid rarely the tenacious mucus so characteristic of pneumonic sputum.
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well as a great remedy for spasms and convulsions long lasting
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of head lice among school children. Negligence of par
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after a test meal. In the right lower quadrant was found a very
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conditions upon this high ground back of Meaux were
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with the French Army. On June 12 the Surgeon General concurring in this
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In 1890 he was appointed assistant resident physician in
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sang he had not been appointed to sing a solo but the
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of the constricting exudate being best promoted l y this procedure. In
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practice was slowly adopted in the country of its birth several weeks
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staff when the institution was struggling for existence in
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various conditions lead to paralytic weakness of the lower limbs and
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heat to boiUng and add the washing soda. When this has dissolved
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have not and the termination has been as favourable in the one series
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indebted to Miss Mabel E. Moran for reading the proof
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pendent on the other. The practising physician s chief concern
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numerous operations for retroversion of the uterus.
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as we see in association with old mitral lesions. Now of course
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columns such as is productive of certain forms of tabes. The change is
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of dead animals. The obvious remedy for this is to render such material
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physema appears within two days after the injury the local
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taken before eating and the remainder during or after with tr. nux
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about thirty to every tsubo six feet square and are left alone for
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life than that of an infant attacked by whooping cough during the
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class he has small regard for aristocracy. He worships the hero
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Epithelialis tuberculosis leprosy and syphilis may affect
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theoretically does not work practically. It is dif
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by a number of shdes. The case which had been under
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bacilli. Cultures should be made or a mouse or guinea pig inoculated
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fixtures were installed but six weeks later when other quarters became available
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weight was normal pulse and temperature normal appetite
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in England my friend Dr. Fagge has given a case which
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Surfeit in Horses Cause and Cure. Surfeit is a disease more par
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of ennui the tendency is maintained by over indulgence of appetites
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The dilferential features and treatment will be considered in connection
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and kidneys do not function at alP during foetal life and hence
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Aforone americana Pseudopleuronectes aniericanus Tautogolabrus adsper
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but embodied in tangible facts and definite actions. He must
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to aneurism sinus thrombosis or abscess unilateral exophthal
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to the preservation of the functions of this part of
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memories are cherished by at least every well informed
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In the face of these explanations it would be mere presumption on
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always associated with obstruction of the corresponding artery that
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best results. Like most bacterins however much greater
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these substances this may lie the j rominent factor in
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covered ninety square centimeters. The portion corresponding
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nares into the growth while the positive pole terminated
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Mr. Simon said that even if the Dentists Act gave the Council
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Observations of the Isoagglutinating Action of Human
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There remains however the curious fact that the troops at
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It is unnecessary to go into details as to the construction and the
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puffy and swollen condition of the epicranial aponeurosis follow
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set of degenerative changes in the cerebral vessels
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have myself delivered a mother just recovering from a severe case of
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silver wire. In the net thus prepared the upper three horizontal strands
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dency to tonsillar inflammations seems to be directly he
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important to maintain asepsis during the whole period
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more severe and the patient die rapidly and show at the autopsy only
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s llptoms were frequent headaches sharp shooting pains through
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of Wales was presiding over a public meeting of the So
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Rohde studied Greek religious beliefs Robertson Smith the religious
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of alisence for eleven days from August 7. 1907. on ac
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cers and a simple order is needed directing this helmet to be worn
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It is true collectors that is those who have a hobby for
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would remain in a state of complete mutism without eating
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for technical education. The nature of the industrial stimulus
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narcotics. As regards the latter hypodermic injections of mor
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come down and tliey are treating her in the same way
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Shanon R. On the Medicines used in the Diseases of Europeans
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Symptoms. Are very plain and easily noticed as a general
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gentlemen to call but the gentleman asks permission
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sound audible or tubular breathing bronchial is heard. In

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