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years. Mr. Arthur Evans proposed The Past and Present

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cause of the difficult circulation in the dilated pulmonary

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alteration of the connective tissues which surround the nerve elements

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of passage of the arteria centralis through the sclera. In some

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down in the scrotom are sometimes barren. This rule also holds

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the important agent may be some form of microbe and that in

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mas elevadas se une a los bulbos olfatorios una porcion pro

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seeds of medical observation in that most congenial soil from

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The most commonly copied picture of the circulation is

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especially in physiological optics and in tbe priceless

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amined must influence the occurrence of a tumor mass. The tendoicy

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tion of the kidneys were sound and with no unusual turgescence of the

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condition and hence the residual amount of fat is in

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considerable time previously increasing a little of late.

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and character of railway and other establishments required for the transporta

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The prognosis of fracture of the spine especially when

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cattle which viscus however was never supplied with the

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versy over the treatment of the prisoners at this camp arising chiefly

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attended by gonorrhoea in patients who have been circumcised.

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In Cymbeline the king s physioian in announcing the

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Nicolaier said he was sure there had been more cases and with this

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appear till three or four days after the onset of influenza when the

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machine and from a study of the wounded soldiers I have

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bony cavities about the mouth such as pulpitis this treat

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Consider carefully beforehand size weight distance

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there is a disinclination to eat. They are important aids in the

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must accrue to statistical inquiries into the causes of

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After filling the syringe bubbles of air must be removed this is easily

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Habitual constipation and difficulties of defecation in infants 129

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essential difference between syphilis and other venereal diseases namely

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ments. At the sight of this document of course mis

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ation began to enter Japan first through Corea and afterward from

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State appreciating the immense value of these organi

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sphenoids and the lingulm. There is no foramen spino

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The Committee of the Universities Library tor Central

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other cases to the superior constrictor pharyngeal muscle only. In

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and the tuberosities of the ischia much closer together.

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uric acid diathesis as manifested by gravel it is the

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known to last for twelve days but in most cases it is

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but a very small percentage of the cases because at the time

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is maintained in the mesial line. The latter operation is almost sure to

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quiets restlessness which is only less exhausting than

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lie buried in its interior. The prime necessity no doubt

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ground where it lays its eggs. The larvae are able to live about

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the mastoid process and over the submaxillary gland are not

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Dunn 3S1S is quadripinnate and differs from the fine cut Philippine plants of

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cases operated upon 14 were cured 6 improved 4 followed

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body have shown that they are all more or less pigmented

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the dead tissue takes place. The slough is usually of a dark red

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testines were held up out of the way and the posterior

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the ulnar and median nerves. Not only the nerves but the

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room or the patient s home. In this way they would be more

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quently secondary. Secondary necrosis is a sequel or result of

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