be variable. A great many practitioners recommeud the star

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somewhat stenotic showing old endocardial scars. Abdomen Adhesions about the site

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eye is often involved usually about the third or fourth day.

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English language than is very often supposed. It is evident therefore

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quence of severe bodily strain or any particular motion but that it

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average North Carolina county now expends for such purposes it would

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round and draws it out between the hind legs. The incision is made

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is increased the perspiration returns the temperature rises the pulse rate

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history negative. Previous history bronchitis rheuma

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ulary is borrowed from that language. As for Magyar or Hungarian

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old dislocations by various operative methods and concludes that

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tion. J or the general practitioner there was reserved the

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than might have been expected in many cases of scarlet

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The rationale and technique of ionization are sufficiently

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spirituous taint piaa ma instead of being putrefied. This it

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rapidly on to gangrene accompanied with a destructive fever of the typhoid

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when he took first place he having been prevented by illness

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simulating true chorea are sometimes produced by such causes in nervous

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was ordered to take salicylate of soda every four hours.

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not more definitely and more permanently attack the pia mater

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Shall brighten with verdure the graves where they sleep.

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edema and congestion which obscured the picture. A well developed pneumonia

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provinces of Canada. In the neighbourhood of Saskatoon G. nasalis

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the pertinent facts in logical order. Special attention

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Chinese emigrants drawn solely from the towns in which plague is rag

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first intluence I noticed was that the green material stopped from the

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department and not a few are as perfect as care and

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child with but a mild affection frequently recovers quickly and

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made a mixture of spleen pulp and blood heated it for

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to day is to discard it for more modern methods. In burns the

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Bolivia. In 1878 a few private individuals tried the experiment in that

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trary mixture Nature s certificate in short that it is the active principal

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been fed succulent food or if the constipation has existed

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facility of expression and clear enunciation of the

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would press on all commanding officers the importance of

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a very kind and pressing invitation to attend the meeting. We

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of ramification of nerve fibres in the deeper layers of

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ill the last paragraph will generally soon set the matter right. At

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endings in rapid contact with the outlines of these things. This cannot

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together with Joseph Warner William Lucas Samuel Howard and

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assuming anything like the proportions of former outbreaks of this

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recovery. But owing to fewer deaths and to less obviousness of the

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The necessity for knowing more or less accurately at any required

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body have shown that they are all more or less pigmented

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affections of the arteries in various degrees and after divers

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cereal and vegetable diet decreased liquid and salt

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of Nature but doctors who do not practice Even were

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through the alimentary canal of the dog. Not only may the

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fatigue and yet we neglect rest. I advise you to give your yes

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